Guess Who’s 5?!

It’s not Harrison. Although, looking at the kid, you’d think he was almost 5. The way he tries to wheel and deal with us, you’d think he was a middle-aged used car salesman. Anyway..

It’s Truman!

The birthday boy.

This past Saturday was Truman’s 5th birthday (or, as we oddly tried to explain to Harrison, his 35th birthday in dog years. I don’t know why we go into those things with him). It was a rather laid-back affair, consisting of playing outside a lot and receiving a special treat.

There’s a great dog bakery (yes, I just said that) near the Whole Foods I frequent. They bake all the goods there, including their own dog food. I’ll be honest and admit it smelled yummy in there. I picked up a new toy for Truman, along with a special birthday treat. The bakery actually had cakes for dogs, but I didn’t feel that was necessary.

The "Bulldog Bar".

The funny thing was that Truman would take part of it and then run off to a far away location in the yard as if he were taking something he wasn’t supposed to be eating. I guess he knows we don’t usually put things out on a plate for him.

It’s hard to believe our Truman is already 5-years-old. They sure grow up fast (sniff, sniff).

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