Happy (much belated) Easter!

It’s not that we just celebrated Easter (obviously), it’s that I’m just getting around to writing about it. That’s a common theme around these parts. Like, I’m looking out our dining room window and seeing the plants in front of our house that are out of control. I’ve been telling myself and David out loud for months that I need to go out there and prune, hedge, and pull out weeds. Eh, it’s good if I water the plants I still haven’t planted in the planters. You get the picture. It’s not like I’m just sitting around. It’s just the family and the inside of the house take priority. It’s a good thing we own a Roomba because I’m not so sure we would vacuum a lot without it. This post is a good example of what happens. I’ve spent the first paragraph not really even talking about our Easter. It happens that easily.

Easter was a little different this year. We were in a new house, all of the family was here, and, we may have had a 6-day-old baby. It wasn’t Easter as usual. We didn’t make it to Mass because we were a little preoccupied. We just got home with Beckett on Wednesday, and my parents had come in Friday (or was it Saturday?). Harrison had decided the day we came home that he didn’t need naps anymore and that screaming and throwing tantrums was the only way to get anything; especially things we didn’t have nor ever had in this house. I swear he started making things up just so he could get upset over us not having it/them. It was crazy up in here!

I had, thankfully, planned on Beckett’s birth, and Harrison’s Easter basket/bucket was already finished, and plans were made for the day, including an Easter egg hunt. It was a very nice day, and we were so thankful to have all our family around.

Here are a few pictures from the day. Oh, and things did calm down. Harrison decided naps are good and that peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies are not the only foods he can eat.


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