Harrison’s Gems


My sister-in-law gifted me a cute book before Beckett was born so I could record Harrison’s gems someplace other than Facebook. I was really happy to get this because I was sort of just relying on my memory, and that one’s fading faster than I would like (I’m blaming that one on the children).
Anywho, I thought it would be fun to share Harrison’s funny quotes and conversations, occasionally.

To David upon waking up from nap: “I need my hammer and screwdriver. I got some hammering and work to do.”

At the butterfly house: “It looks like that hexagon is blooming butterflies!”

Mommy: “What are you doing with Daddy’s flash drive and your (toy) laptop?”
Harrison: “I need my charger because I need to charge my iPad.”

In Trader Joe’s bathroom:
Harrison: “And you need to poop, too?”
Mommy: “No, Harrison.”
Harrison: “Poop, Mommy.”

Father’s Day: “You’re a pretty princess, Mommy.” (I had a dress on)

Reason for not wanting a bath: “But I’m not stinky!”

Harrison: “Do you know why monsters cry?”
David: “Why?”
Harrison: “Because they don’t know they’re scary.”

In line to get food
Mommy: “What are you looking at?”
Harrison: “The ladies.”

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