Harrison’s Gems

I’m back with another installment of conversations and random exchanges we have with Harrison that make us laugh, think, and say, “Huh?”.

Mommy playing with Harrison’s hair

Harrison: “Stop playing with me, Mommy. I’m not a toy.”


When asked to clean up his crayons before dinner

Harrison: “No, don’t put my crayons away. I’m still crowning.” (Mommy is glad you’re not)


At the duck pond, after we ran out of bread.

Harrison: “Don’t eat me, duck. I’m not food.”


Mommy putting together the Nose Frida for Beckett.

Harrison: “What’s that , Mommy?”

Mommy: “It’s a filter for the snot sucker.”

Harrison: “That’s interesting, Mommy.” (He said this very sincerely and then walked away to go play.)


Mommy was reading a magazine insert saying it was National Joke Day. This led to a VERY drawn out knock-knock joke.

Mommy: “Knock-knock”


Mommy: “Say, ‘Who’s there?’.”

Harrison (looking at picture): “Apple”

Mommy: “No. I say, ‘Knock-knock’, then you say, ‘Who’s there?’.”

All over again

Harrison. “Tree.” “Gingerbread.” …

It kept going on like this until he said, “I don’t know, Mommy.”


Driving home from school:

Harrison: “Look there’s a geese.”

Mommy: “Well, one is a ‘goose’. More than one is ‘geese’.”

Harrison: “Yeah, a geese.”

Mommy: “A goose.”

Harrison: “There’s lots of geese.”

Mommy: “You’re right. Geese.”

Harrison: “Yep. I know.”


Helping me get cloth diapers

Harrison: “You have to get them before you get dark.”

Mommy: “Before it gets dark?”

Harrison: “No. You don’t want to get dark.”

Mommy: (confused) “Ok.”


Comes into our room after his bath and sees his trick-or-treat bag

Harrison: “Can I have those (treats)?”

Mommy: “No. You already had one today.”

Harrison: “Don’t throw them away.”

Mommy: “Okay.”

Leaves with Daddy.

Harrison (whispers): “Don’t let Mommy throw them away, Daddy.”


At dinner last night

Mommy: “Harrison, it’s November now. Do you know what happens in November?”

Harrison: (excited) “My birthday! Is today my birthday?”

Mommy: “No. It’s next week. You get to celebrate a lot.”

Harrison: “Oh, I want a cake. And pumpkin-chocolate muffins…(kept listing things).” “Can I share brownies with my friends at school?”

Mommy: “Yes. Do you want to take s’mores brownies?”

Harrison: “Can I try them first?”



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