Harrison’s Gems


I’m back with another installment of the things Harrison says that amuse me for some reason or another.

Daddy: “Harrison, did you know we just had an election for President? We re-elected Barack Obama.”

Harrison: “It’s broccoli, Daddy.”

Harrison: “Can I play in the basement?”

Mommy: “Not right now. We can go after Beckett goes down for his nap.”

Harrison: (a few minutes later, and Beckett is fussing) “I think Beckett needs to go to sleep, Mommy. He’s crying. He’s tired.”

Mommy: “I don’t feel well, Harrison. You’ll have to be patient with Mommy.”

Harrison: “Oh, I will give you a hug, Mommy, and make you feel better.”

Harrison: “No, don’t touch those, Beckett. They’re too spicy!” (He knows Beckett is putting things in his mouth, and he also knows he doesn’t like to put spicy things in his mouth.)

Harrison: “Mississippi is a time, Mommy.”

Mommy: “What do you mean, Harrison?”

Harrison: “The kids in the Elementary always say, ‘1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…’.”

Mommy: “Well, Mississippi is a state, just like Missouri.”

Harrison: “Where is she?”

Mommy: (I’m still not understanding) “Huh? I’m talking about a state. Mississippi is 1 of 50 states in our country.”

Harrison: “I don’t see her.”

Mommy: “Oh! No, sweetie. It’s one word. Mississippi (trying to say it faster). It’s not ‘Miss Issippi’.”

Harrison: (why he didn’t help with making waffles) “Daddy told me not to.”

Mommy: Daddy isn’t here, Harrison. He didn’t say that.”

Harrison: “He sent me a text.”

Mommy: “Do you need a tissue?”

Harrison: “No.”

Mommy: “Then, why are you sniffling?”

Harrison: “I’m pretending to be a dog.”

Harrison: “Never be together. Your friends, and my friends, and your friends…” (his rendition of Taylor Swift)

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