Mr. Independent


Beckett has always been one to want to figure things out on his own. I think some of it is a “second child” thing. We can’t focus as much attention on him as we did on Harrison when he was a baby/toddler. At times, I feel a little guilty, but other times I see him doing things that we didn’t let Harrison attempt at this age because we were worried about a mess or injury. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if we let Beckett roam the house without supervision. It’s more along the lines of us letting him try to figure things out instead of immediately rushing to his aid. You should see him maneuver his walker out of a corner.

Beside being a second child, I truly believe enrolling Harrison in Montessori a year ago has changed our parenting approach. It may sound silly, but I don’t know if we gave Harrison enough credit (and we probably still don’t). For example, we didn’t even think about giving Harrison an open cup when he was Beckett’s age because we were worried about spills and possibly broken glasses. We didn’t give his motor skills enough credit. We didn’t give Harrison enough credit. We were probably afraid of letting Harrison fail.

We gave Beckett an open cup at 8 – or 9-months, after I got inspired reading this blog. We helped him guide the cup to his mouth the first few go arounds, but he instinctively knew what to do. Beckett loved this independence. He became excited when he saw us filling his cup with water. Now, we just give Beckett his drink right along with his food at meal time. Such a little man.

One of Beckett’s new favorite activities is climbing up the stairs. Again, he attempted this a month ago, and we may or may not have accidentally freaked him out about it by telling him that wasn’t safe. Oops. Well, after recently visiting a friend who was excited to let her daughter demonstrate her new found skill, I realized our mistake. We had squelched Beckett’s independence in that moment. Not on purpose. We wanted him to be safe, but it’s not as if we couldn’t have stayed a safe distance behind while he explored climbing the stairs. It ended up as one of those things he seemed unsure of initially, and then (1 day later) he was zooming over to the stairs when we said it was time to go upstairs, and now we’re rushing to make sure we are behind him. I love the smile on his face while he’s doing something on his own. Especially something he’s just figured out.

I honestly just love watching Beckett enjoy life, and that’s really what he’s doing. He enjoys just being here, and it’s awesome!

*This is likely the first of many posts addressing how I feel incorporating a Montessori approach has changed our family for the better. 

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