Harrison’s “Big Boy” Room

When we first looked at our current house almost two years ago, what is now Harrison’s room looked liked this:

DSC_0057 DSC_0056


Well, we took out the chandelier pretty quickly and the “girly” curtain rod. That was about it until last September. He actually liked the green, and it went with the rug and bedding we already had from his previous room. Plus, he wasn’t even two-years-old, and I’m pretty sure as long as his things were in his room, he was cool with it. Honestly, he’d still be fine with it, but Mommy wanted something different. Maybe no one else feels this way about some colors (barring pink and purple), but I felt this green was more feminine. It wasn’t a grass or hunter green. It was more of a “minty” green. Perhaps I was jaded knowing it was a girl’s room before.

Regardless, I was ready for a change. Harrison had transitioned out of his crib several months earlier, and he was turning 3. I felt like he was ready for a “big boy” room. I had been bringing home paint swatches and scouring Craigslist for dressers and other furniture. It may go without saying, but I was also “pinning” A LOT of inspiration rooms on Pinterest. Here’s what caught my eye:

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Apartment Therapy

There was so much I loved about each of these rooms. I loved the color scheme in all of them, and how open and child-friendly each room seemed. They also all have a “collected” feel. I’m not a big fan of everything new or purchasing a set of furniture. I loved the mix of masculine and child-like. They also seemed so inviting, which I think is key for any room, but particularly a room you expect your toddler to spend time (i.e., sleep) in. I also wanted something he could grow with. That point quickly steered me away from anything with a theme. I was happy to put a print on the wall and maybe sheets with characters (that would be covered by a blanket), but I wasn’t going to paint a mural of his current fascination (trucks) for him to tell me a year later he wanted fish. By the way, it’s still trucks.

Anyway, it’s not “done”, but it’s coming together. I had been slowly gathering items for Harrison’s room once I had a plan. His dresser was a steal off Craigslist that we had painted, and I found the shelving unit above the dresser on clearance at HomeGoods. On the dresser are a few sentimental items. The flag is from Harrison’s godfather. It was a flag that flew over his unit’s base camp in Afghanistan. The framed ultrasound was a gift from my parents on Harrison’s first Christmas. I picked up that frame with the vintage Peter Rabbit illustration at a flea market in North Carolina.

DSC_0003 DSC_0007 DSC_0009

The shelving unit is full of more sentimental treasures. The musical snow globe was from Harrison’s Aunt Katie and Uncle Kevin after he was born. There’s a Truman the Tiger from Uncle Scott, a teddy bear from one of David’s trips to Germany, and a faux Oscar from another trip to LA. The books are old (vintage?) Winnie the Pooh books Grandpa B. recently picked up.

I purchased the cow print hanging above one of Harrison’s bookcases on clearance at Ikea.



The light fixture was actually from a 3-pack of hanging lights I purchased from World Market for Beckett’s room. He has the biggest and smallest lights in his room, and we used the medium-sized one in Harrison’s room. We purchased a small pendant kit for $12, and it was all good.

DSC_0007 DSC_0015

I purchased the rug on clearance at Tuesday Morning. It was one of those rugs I had to have, and if Harrison didn’t like it in his room, I was going to find someplace else for it. It was already 60% off, and then the sales woman pointed out an “inconsistency” in the yarn. I didn’t even see it, but when I asked if they’d knock some more off the price, she said she’d take another 25% off. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

We still plan on putting in a twin-sized bed, installing a project of mine above his bed, changing up the bookcases (with paint or fabric), painting stripes on his curtains, and tackling his closet. We’re thinking of making it part closet/part reading nook.

DSC_0012 DSC_0017

You may notice Harrison’s room devoid of any toys, and that’s purposeful. I didn’t clean up  before taking pictures (other than some “staging”). I’ll cover that topic in another post. Also, the boys’ rooms are the only two in the house that anything has been done to other than placing furniture in them. I think our room is next.

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