What’s Inside the Box?!

It’s okay, you can look. It is not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head.

So, a few days ago, I showed you how I came up with this nice gift box:



I also said I would show you what was inside. Well, it was the monthly onesies from my friend’s Sprinkle.  I had guests write on notecards that would be attached to each onesie so that Lindsey could read a nice little note as she pulled one out each month. As cute as the onesies looked on their own, I didn’t want to just hand them over. I’m all about presentation. So, I started with these:




And the notes from everyone:



I decided I would affix the notes to each onesie with a little washi tape, and then bundle them with ribbon. It turned out that bundling two together worked out best for the box I had. You could do it however you wanted. This is how mine turned out:

IMG_3220 IMG_3221


*Excuse the pictures. Once again, taken with my phone.  

And, here they are all bundled together in the box, ready to be handed over:



I was so happy with how these turned out, and I think they may become my new “go-to” baby shower gift.  I think that they are such a wonderful reminder for parents to take a little time each month to capture a few moments on camera. The notes are a nice addition, and can work whether this is done at a shower or given as a gift from one person.

*The monthly transfers I used can be found here


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