Our Memorial Day Weekend

Like most things, I am just getting around to our Memorial Day weekend almost 2 weeks after the fact. It was a nice weekend. By that, I mean it was full of the essentials. You know: good food, family, fun… (Yes, those are in the right order.)

Friday night, Harrison planned dinner, and we had a movie night. This was a special night for him, as he had just finished another wonderful school year, and we had told him we were having a night for him. He chose homemade fish sticks, sweet potato fries, and asparagus for dinner, and Ratatouille for our movie. We even had popcorn. Harrison loved it!

Saturday, we all enjoyed lunch at Trailhead Brewing Company in St. Charles. We hadn’t eaten there yet, and my older brother was able to meet us. That’s always awesome in Harrison’s book. Not that the rest of us don’t enjoy my brother; Harrison just really really loves when he knows Uncle Scott will be somewhere. It warms my heart.

IMG_3259 IMG_3260Beckett…not so much.

IMG_3262Just kidding. Beckett just had his eyes on more food.

I also happened to capture one of my new favorite photos of Harrison.

IMG_3264Saturday was our pizza night. We used the bread machine I got for Mother’s Day. I am in love! I was already loving making our own bread, but I was officially in after making pizza dough. The ease of the bread machine combined with the technique from The Splendid Table, makes some pretty darn good crust.

Sunday, we drove to Marthasville to David’s grandma’s house. We spent time with David’s parents, his great-Grandma (obviously), and his Aunt Pat and cousin, Jenna. Harrison played around on the farm, rode the gator with Grandpa and Jenna, and walked Maggie. Beckett mostly slept, but he sure enjoyed playing with everyone when he was awake.  I think David and I enjoyed being able to just sit and talk with everyone.

DSC_0009 DSC_0030 DSC_0084 DSC_0112 DSC_0127 DSC_0139


Monday, we stayed at home, and Uncle Scott came over to eat with us. I told you food was critical to a good weekend. David grilled, and the boys played outside. We tried to take a walk to the lake nearby, but the weather deterred us. That just meant wrestling Uncle Scott in the basement. Poor Uncle Scott.


It was such a wonderful weekend! Long weekends are always nice, but fill them with family and good food, and they are even better.

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