Day Trip: PaPa and Grammy’s House

Now that it’s summer time, and Harrison is out of school, I like to take him places to keep him busy (especially with Beckett still napping twice/day). I am blessed to be afforded this luxury since David is usually working from home. All of our trips so far have been “local” (library, parks, the zoo). This time, though, we headed to Mexico (Missouri) to visit my parents; the aforementioned, PaPa and Grammy.
We headed out yesterday mid-morning, and we were back this afternoon. This was just long enough to spend quality time with my parents and let Harrison be the center of attention. It was a nice trip.
Pretty much the first thing Harrison does when we get to my parents’ is get his bin of trucks toys out. His favorite is a Fisher-Price Western set my brothers and I played with. The indoor play didn’t last long. He quickly wanted to head outside. He helped Grammy pick flowers and picked up sticks around the back so PaPa wouldn’t run over them with his mower.


This wore him out enough to actually fall asleep during his rest time. Or to be very very quiet, at least. He did mention something about roly-polies to my mom when he came up. I personally think he slept. He is not one to remain quietly in a room for over an hour without being asleep.
I was able to visit with a good friend who happened to be in town for a few days. It’s always nice when those things work out. She and her husband just celebrated 8 years of marriage, and are headed on a weekend trip to celebrate. Have fun you two!
Harrison barely made it out of the bathroom before he was outside again. This time, there was golfing, hauling, digging, and climbing involved. Sometimes I wonder where his “off” switch is. Seriously. I want to find it and power him off for a few hours during the day sometimes.
PaPa grilled, and Harrison tried to eat all the chicken. I think he ate two drumsticks, half of a small breast, and a bunch of grilled vegetables. Then he remembered he had water, and guzzled a huge glass of that. I was worn out just watching him eat.
Today, was a lot of fun. We headed to Plunkett Park with Grammy for a little bit. Harrison dug in the sand and then wanted to go hiking. He pointed out the ants.

From the park, we headed to Brick City Bistro. So many yummy scones, so little time to eat them all. We went with butterscotch.

After carb-loading and coffee drinking (not Harrison), we walked down to another local shop, Scrapbook Store and More. Harrison had fun building puzzles while my mom and I looked around. Harrison somehow convinced Grammy to get him something. We spent a good half hour in there just looking around and talking to the owner. I was reminded why I love a small(er) town so much. Harrison was quite the charmer.
After some lunch and more playing, it was time for us to head back home. It didn’t take too long before Harrison was asleep and doing his own Napoleon.


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