Harrison’s Gems

IMG_3264Harrison’s back with more wit and hilarity. A few observations:

  1. Harrison likes to start things with, “Oh…”
  2. Why is he talking about Facebook? I think I mentioned “Facebook” to him one time when I was looking at pictures on there. Memory. Of. An. Elephant.
  3. He is too good at excuses/reasons/whatever you want to call them for why he is or isn’t doing something. I am pretty sure I should be very worried. He’s not even 4.

Overheard by me while all the boys were in Harrison’s room:

H: This is just a rock show for boys and men.

David: No. Mommy can come, too.

H: No, girls can’t come to shows with guitars…The parking lot is bumpy. They don’t like the bumpiness. 

H: I have to go to New York for work. I won’t be back for your birthday. 

Me: That makes me sad. 

H: Oh, I will wish you, “Happy Birthday”, on Facebook. 

Me: Doesn’t Mommy deserve better than that?

H: Oh…I will call you on the phone. (Gee, thanks.)

Stops on his way up the stairs and holds his foot.

Me: Harrison, are you okay?

H: No, I’m having trouble going upstairs. My foot is giving me pain. (He was fine. Just empathizing with PaPa.)

Picking raspberries with Mommy.

M: Are you going to pick more raspberries?

H: Oh, my back is bothering me, and the prickliness hurts my fingers. I will just eat them. 

Upon coming into his room during rest time. 

M: Why is your closet light on?

H: I was putting star stickers on my wall to make my closet beautiful. I got them out of my backpack. 

You can catch up with what Harrison’s been saying over the past few months, here, here, and here


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