Harrison’s Gems

IMG_3264It’s been a while. Too long, really, without a post full of Harrison’s wit and funny conversations with us. We really do have to try hard not to laugh sometimes. Harrison may say something without any realization that it’s funny (or slightly inappropriate), and we try our best to respond appropriately and with the same honesty with which he talks to us. Without further ado…

Watching me sort laundry:

H: That’s for your breasts (seeing my bra)

M: flabbergasted and just not sure what to say. Wait for it…

H: I’m not talking about your breasts, just saying that’s for them. (Glad you clarified)

In the bathroom stall at Whole Foods

H: Those are beautiful pink underwear you have, Mommy. (The woman in the next stall chuckles audibly.)

Woman who was in next stall: He’s so cute! (Hmm, not what I was thinking.)

At the pool with David

H: I think I peed in the pool, Daddy. I’m not sure, though. No, I didn’t pee in the pool. I think it was just the water coming out of my shorts.

At dinner

H: I need to go on a run after Beckett goes to bed.

M: But, that’s your bedtime, too.

H: Oh, well I will go after dinner.

After dinner, and we’re in the back yard.

H: I’m running around the yard. It’s a long run. You need to cheer for me. 

Helping me make pizza

H: Can I have some cheese?

M: No. I need it for the pizza.

H: But, it’s right there in the bowl, and I might want to sneak some. 

Harrison is full of this stuff. In case you’ve missed any of his “gems”, you can read them here, hereand here

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