Belles and Bowties

Last week our family made a trip down to Charleston for our friend, Colby’s, wedding. Let me just start off by commending myself for my good behavior.  You read that right, “my”, not “Harrison’s”. Seriously, I was fabulous this trip. After learning from past mistakes trips and talking to some friends, I had a game plan. This helped me with spending Friday in its entirety in the hotel since David took the stroller with him while on a golf outing all day. I attempted to let Harrison ride on my shoulders while walking to the main square, but it was so humid that we made it 3/4 of the way (okay, on Sunday I realized we were literally maybe 2 blocks away. That’s neither here nor there) before stopping to rest and then turn around.  I didn’t know there was a pool until some random man asked me if I’d taken Harrison swimming yet.

Alright, alright. So I was good, Harrison was fantastic, and the weekend was a huge success. Friday night, Harrison was a hit at the rehearsal dinner.  I guess things work differently in the South, because a man I had never met before started talking to me at the rehearsal dinner about Harrison, and when David came over to the conversation holding Harrison, the man asked to hold him (while reaching out to take him). He then passed him along to his daughters. Once we sat down at our table, there was more ogling. David only got up with him once, and that was only because he was trying to give a speech at the same time as the groom’s father.

Saturday, we had a fun time getting breakfast out and going swimming. I should mention that we stayed at a beautiful hotel; The Mill House Hotel. We couldn’t have asked for a better location. It was near every place we had to be for the wedding and very close to King Street. I hit King Street for a bit on Saturday to do some shopping. I was good and most of the shopping was window shopping. I discovered a very cool store, sugar snap pea.  It’s probably a good thing it’s not any closer. Of course I managed to find a children’s store.

The wedding took place at Gibbes Museum of Art.  A very humorous aside, David didn’t even really know what time the wedding was THAT HE WAS IN. In all fairness,  it appeared that no one brought their actual invitation with time on it. At least not anyone our age. David thought it was 6, 2 other people thought 6:15. The actual time – 6:30.  Hey, no one was late.  It was a beautiful ceremony with a very fitting homily. The bride looked gorgeous, and the groom handsome (is it okay I say that?). I loved the bridesmaids’ dresses. I loved my dress and shoes, too, but no picture. Only a cell phone picture of Harrison in his cute tuxedo that his Nana bought him :(. I nixed the camera at the last minute thinking I shouldn’t take pictures during the ceremony because it was in an art museum, and then everyone and their cousin (which in the South may just be a good friend. Heck, that man may not be your real uncle) had a camera. So just this one picture of David, Colby (the groom) and Chris with David’s cell phone.

We headed back late Sunday morning after some breakfast and a few pictures of David and Harrison. David and I have been to Charleston several times before and gotten pictures, so we figured we’d hold off on another “tour” until next time when Harrison is a bit older and can enjoy everything more. We’ve gradually learned to not try to “force” things or pack too much in. It really was a great weekend, and I’m looking forward to our next trip further south :).


As part of our 4th anniversary, David had gifted me tickets to the Biltmore Estates. Let me just say that I was very glad we went because the day was wonderful, but when we were headed there it didn’t exactly feel like a gift. It felt more like I was being punished for something. (I don’t know what I was being punished for, I was just being punished because I’m Amy and that’s how things seem to go sometimes). I do not, nor will I ever claim to, win the “cool and collected mom” award. In fact, Harrison likely already thinks of me as “crazy lady” and is surprised I have any hair left.

To start things off on the right foot (insert sarcasm), David thought it would only take 3, maybe 3 1/2 hours to get to Asheville. We left close to 5, after intending to leave a little after 4, thinking it would be perfect since Harrison sometimes does/sometimes doesn’t take a late afternoon nap. He would either be content watching cars go by and talking to us or fall asleep. So….. it actually took more around 4 hours and Harrison kind of sort of fell asleep, but way later than he usually does, and then we woke him up when we arrived (after 9). Do NOT ask  me why I took him out of the car while David was getting things set up in our hotel room (that was next to the pool), but I did. Needless to say, that was not my smartest move. So, I’m standing there in the parking lot not knowing where David headed off to, fending off mosquitoes. I can’t sit in the car because it was warm and David had the keys. Harrison is fussing because he’s tired and didn’t know what was going on. We eventually get into the room, and Harrison thinks it’s party time. I mean, we’re someplace new, Truman is there (yes, we brought the dog for some reason), and Harrison is awake. I put him on the bed and he starts bouncing and crawling everywhere and laughing (it’s now 9:30/9:40). We finally get everything situated and get Harrison ready for bed. This is so not the same as when he was only 6 weeks old and immediately fell asleep no matter where we were or what time it was. No, this time Harrison can stand and crawl and he’s aware of his surroundings. Very aware! In not my prettiest moment ever (although likely not my ugliest), I sort of, well – lost it. Harrison didn’t go to sleep until 10:30 or so. A whopping 3 hours later than usual. The air conditioner was loud and kicked on every 45 minutes. I know this because I was awake every 45 minutes. No one else was, thank goodness, but I was. Harrison decided to grace us with his chipper self at 6:30, but fell back to sleep for another 45 minutes, thankfully. Mommy was running on empty.

Saturday was great, though. And I’m being truthful. I mean, my husband and son and dog were all still there. Somehow they had not packed up their things and left crazy lady by herself. They love me, they really do :)! It was ideal weather, Biltmore was beautiful, and Harrison was awesome. He charmed everyone and let Mommy take 100 pictures. He lasted through his first nap and then fell asleep at 12:30 for 2 1/2 hours. David acted like I hadn’t gone temporarily insane the night before and all was restored. First family mini-vacation was a semi-success. Actually, considering, I think it was a major success. But, maybe we should hold off a bit before the next one. What’s that, we’re headed to Charleston in two weeks?

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To the beach, Batman!

I wish we’d had the Bat mobile to get to the beach last weekend. Our ac was acting finicky in the car, but fortunately, after some stern talking to, it decided to be good for most of the trip. Good thing, too, because with a baby on board, we could not have driven 3 hours without ac in the hot weather. That was pretty much it for the bad news. We spent the entire weekend at North Myrtle Beach with Nana B, Aunt Katie, and Suzette. Suzette use to take care of David and his siblings when they were younger, so she is pretty much family. The funny thing is that until Christmas, we hadn’t seen Suzette since our wedding 4 years ago. Starting with Kevin’s graduation, we’ve now seen her three times (well, David has) in as many weeks. Funny how those things happen.

Anyway, David’s parents rented a condo on the beach for the weekend for all of us to enjoy. We arrived late Friday noon and did some grocery shopping to stock up. Then Katie arrived, and we all enjoyed some bbq. Suzette arrived a little late, so I missed her since I was already asleep. Good thing, too, because Harrison decided he wanted to get an early start Saturday for the beach and woke up at 4 am! He has never done that. I mean, we woke him up for early morning feedings when he was an infant, but I don’t know what got into him that morning. He woke up laughing and on his hands and knees ready to play. David was able to get him back to sleep, but only for 30-40 minutes at a time before he’d wake up again ready to play. I tried to see the bright side of things and tell myself at least he wasn’t crying, but when it’s that early, those kinds of thoughts aren’t much consolation. Eventually, it was 7:15, so we drank coffee just woke up. We took Harrison out for his first beach experience after breakfast before it got too hot. This was relative since it was already humid enough that my camera lens fogged up.

Harrison wasn’t entirely sure what to think, and it didn’t take long since he was ready for a nap (maybe that’s because he woke up at 4; not entirely sure). We were back out there again, though, after lunch for another dip in the ocean and playing on the beach.

After some fun beach time, we got ready for dinner at Duffy’s. Not the first place I would’ve picked, but the food was great. The drink wasn’t too bad, either ;). After Harrison was down for the count, we enjoyed some yummy margaritas (Thanks, Michele for that recipe. It was 2 years ago, but everyone I make it for loves it!) and good conversation. Mommy hadn’t stayed up that late in a long time, and Harrison was happy to let her know that was a bad idea by waking up at 6:30 this time. Better than the previous day, but still not 7:30/8 per usual.

Sunday morning we headed out early for a family walk on the beach and seashell collecting. We wanted to have some souvenirs from Harrison’s first trip to the beach. That afternoon we headed to the Tanger Outlets for some shopping before heading back home. Nana B spoiled us all. You can’t pass up cute baby clothes, though. Harrison did great on the ride home, and he was definitely ready for bedtime in his own room. I think we bother him just as much as he bothers Mommy us when we sleep in the same room. He was out before I could lay him down and slept until David woke him the next morning. It was a short, but very fun beach weekend.