6 months

A few weeks ago, I posted about Harrison’s 6-month check up and how big he was. Well, I’m back for another update on little man and all the latest developments.

  1. Legally Blonde?: The hair keeps on growing. It remains fullest in the front, but the bald spot is filling in more and more. It’s still anyone’s guess what color it will eventually turn out to be because David and I both had some blonde going on in the early years. Right now Harrison’s got a sandy blonde going on that has a slight tint of red in the light.
  2. Handsy: Harrison gets better each day at manipulating objects (from toys to pacis to food) with his hands and fingers. He has a tendency to rake at smaller items like puffs, but has a pretty good grasp on his toys and pacifier. It’s fun to sit and watch him try to figure out how to pick something up and to move objects toward and away from his mouth. My favorite is when he grabs a stuffed animal with both hands and growls as he excitedly moves it toward his mouth to chew on.
  3. “Careful, I may bite…”: Not on purpose, of course, but Harrison is developing a good bite on things. He now has his two bottom central incisors. Last Wednesday, I noticed his right middle gum was a bit red and swollen and on Friday I felt a tooth popping out. Then on Saturday morning I felt the left one. It’s amazing how quickly it happens. The good thing, is that it didn’t seem to bother him at all. Sometimes teething can be a little painful, but Harrison made it through the “worst” part (the teeth erupting from the gum) without any complaint. Not to say he doesn’t want the closest object in his mouth to chomp on.
  4. “Sit up straight”: Harrison’s working on that anyway. Again, I know all along he has been developing the precursors for sitting up, but it seems like it was maybe a week between the time we were sitting him up and he was toppling over and him being able to stay put for a few minutes. Sometimes he still immediately falls over because we laugh when it happens and then he thinks it’s a game.
  5. Momma’s boy: I have heard numerous times that boys love their mommy, and that has turned into some crying lately. At least I think that is what’s going on. Harrison has started to cry when I am out of sight and then stop once I reappear. He also wants to be held a lot. The good thing is that he loves his care taker so much that he doesn’t get upset when we drop him off at her place in the mornings.
  6. Blabber mouth: Harrison started out producing what sounded like “muh” and “buh” occasionally, and now he’s transitioned to “lingual” sounds. There’s a /jɑ/ and /ŋɑ/ sometimes, but recently (as in the past 3 days) what should start coming out but /dɑ/! I knew this would happen because I’m a speech therapist, but I hoped in my heart of hearts he would start reduplicating “muh”. Granted the “dada” does not mean what David interprets it to mean (sorry but I had to inform him of this because I’m so cruel), but it’s still a tiny dagger in the heart, or maybe the back. The funny thing was that right after David got all giddy about Harrison looking at him and saying “da-da-da-da”, he then looked at Truman and said the same thing :). I had to smile to myself.
  7. Creepy-crawly: My little man is already trying to crawl around. I noticed last week that when he was on his stomach he was raising his upper body and rotating to get to things that were out of his reach. Then he would try to grab onto something to help push himself forward. The other day, I noticed the same thing on our bed, but he was pushing his knee and arm forward after he twisted. He wants to move toward things on his own so badly, and lately it turns into frustration :(.
  8. Shut-eye: Harrison has been such a good sleeper from the beginning, really, but we have recently started transitioning to an earlier bedtime (or at least trying). He still wants to hold onto that “prevening” nap sometimes, and that can make it hard to try to push him through until a 6:30 dinner and then nursing before bed. For the most part, it’s working in our favor, though. Harrison is starting to go down more like 7:45-8 instead of 8:15/8:30 and sleeping through until 7/7:30 depending on the day. It seems during the week when David and I are up and about getting ready for work Harrison wakes up a little earlier.
  9. “Feed me”: Harrison continues to be our big eater. He has moved on to a wider variety of foods (added in raspberries, mangoes, peaches, and squash) and just started mashing puffs. This is in addition to nursing and bottle feedings. I’m so proud of the good eater he is and how much he loves to eat and try new things. I’m sure we will run into a food he doesn’t like at some point, but so far if he can eat it, he will.

Harrison has come such a long way, and it continues to be an exciting adventure. We can’t wait to see what he does in the next few months, or weeks.