Work/Play Day

You might think that’s everyday, but this was a special day a couple of weekends ago that our family spent out at Vollmer Farms in Bunn, NC. As mentioned a few months ago, our family is members of a local CSA. I had forgotten that I said our family would participate (it was completely voluntary) until I received an email reminder a couple of weeks beforehand. I am glad I did because we had a great time working and meeting some other CSA members.

We arrived a little late, per usual now that we have Harrison and everything takes about twice as long as I think it will. Good thing many of the other members had children, so we actually appeared to be on time (note to self: apparently you will always be at least 10-15 minutes late when bringing children along). After a quick explanation of what the morning would entail, we were off in a trailer pulled by a tractor. Harrison loved it! Our group twisted broccoli, dug potatoes, and weeded. The cool thing about the broccoli was that the broccoli we were picking was going to another local farm to feed the pigs and cows. It was nice to learn how the local farmers were working together to help each other out. While David and I twisted broccoli and carted crate loads to the truck, Harrison enjoyed sitting on dirt mounds and tossing dirt up in the air and running up and down the rows.

It was neat to have him help with the potatoes since he had helped his Grandpa Bunge plant potatoes back in April when we were in Missouri. I would tell him, “Use your muscles” and he would pull the potato off and grunt. It was adorable. Not that it takes much for me to think what Harrison does is adorable.

I think what I liked best about our work – how weird am I – was the weeding. I think I liked that part so much because it meant the farm wasn’t spraying their plants with pesticides. It felt good doing that, although I admit I would not want to do it everyday. I was definitely ready to stop after a few hours and enjoy some food. Everyone contributed a dish, most of which contained ingredients from the weekly CSA shares. We got to enjoy some delicious food and get some more ideas for using the produce we receive. To cap it all off, we were treated to some farm-made strawberry ice cream. I’m pretty sure that was Harrison’s favorite part.

After a morning full of work and play, Harrison was ready to crash. We are going back soon, though, because they have The Back Forty, which is an awesome play area for kids. We also want to pick some blueberries and blackberries, which starts this weekend. I love having a place like that so close to us.


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