Thankful for Pinterest

I finally made a craft (actually 2) from Pinterest! That may not sound terribly exciting to some of any of you, but it was a huge deal for me. See, I have pinned away for months now, and I have made some dishes and found some great gift ideas for people. I haven’t made anything on my inspiration boards, though. I kept seeing other art and diy projects people had done and realized I needed to stop pinning and start actually doing. With the holiday season upon us, it was the perfect time. I scanned my boards and chose some projects to do with Harrison and some decorations for me to make for Thanksgiving.

Other than purchasing some extra paint colors, I didn’t have to buy any other supplies for these two projects. The first project was a finger paint turkey Harrison completed. Here’s the pin:

Here’s what Harrison and I did together:

I happened to have appropriately colored cards, and I thought they would be perfect as place-setting cards for Thanksgiving. Harrison lasted through most of them, but I did have to finish 1 or 2. He loved telling me which colors to use. Here are a few shots of the place cards on our Thanksgiving table:


The second craft  I completed was for decoration. Here was my inspiration:

The process was pretty simple and quick once I got the hang of it. The flowers don’t look like much, initially, but once they are up on the wall in a cluster, they look really great. Here’s one of my flowers:

And here’s my arrangement above the fireplace:

I tried using small adhesive squares that were wall-safe that we already owned, but they stuck to the wall and not the paper even though I cleaned the wall and pressed for the 30 seconds on the directions. I ultimately went with picture-hanging nails because we agreed it would have minimal impact on the wall, and we knew eventually something more permanent would go up on the wall. The nail head actually looks cool up close and you don’t notice it from afar. 

Here’s a breakdown of my supplies:

Fingerpaint Turkeys:

  • Cardstock: already owned
  • finger paints: $4 (we will use these a lot, so pretty cheap)
  • construction paper or marker (for beak, feet, and eyes): already owned
  • Total cost: $4

Paper bag flowers:

  • Lunch-bag sized paper bags: already owned
  • Scissors
  • Glue-stick: already owned
  • Nails or other hanging method: already owned
  • Total cost: Free!!!

Images for projects can be found here and here. The finger paint turkey is linked to my Pinterest image because the site the original image came from has been suspended for some reason.