… is sometimes what I think I should adopt so that I can claim a craft. I have so many friends who have a “craft” – whether it’s photography, knitting, sewing, baking (the list goes on). I often find myself coming up with grand ideas but not being able to bring them to fruition.

It gets worse once you’re a mom. I feel like it’s a full-time job just to care for, let alone entertain, a baby, so I’m wondering where these other moms find time to do all of these other things. Don’t get me wrong; David does his fair share. Somehow, I just end up with scrapbook paper, fabric, ribbon, glue… you name it in bags and bins in the guest room closest. Many of my friends got craftier after having children. How is that possible? A picture of Harrison isn’t enough anymore. The picture has to be well-lit and not posed. The sweater he’s wearing has to be knit. The birthday invitation handmade (it’s not by the way. I considered it and then just found a good compromise at Target. I mean, I couldn’t even find the type of sticker I wanted or the right stamp).

It’s as if having a baby brought out hidden talents (my talent was delivering Harrison naturally) or made the talents even better. Skipped me, the craft gene did :).

So while I’m busy with laundry, cleaning diapers, making food, playing with Harrison, making sure Harrison doesn’t fall and hit himself on something too many times under my watch, running errands, having a job…somehow my friends are doing many of these things and getting crafty. A lot of the times I just feel like I am good at being witchy ;).

*Witch image can be found here.