Like Father, Like Son

Harrison had his 6-month checkup today, and it went fabulously. He weighed 17#, 5 oz (53%) and is 28″ (90%). So, no surprise that he is already taking after his father: tall and lean. Although, I wouldn’t call Harrison skinny. He is my little chunk ‘a munk, and I love his chubby thighs and legs. He is a healthy little man, that is for sure. The doctor was pleased with his development. Harrison got another round of shots, but Daddy said he took it like the little man he is and barely cried. It was over just as quickly as it started.  He’s already better than Mommy with that kind of thing. I think it’s because of all that good meat he’s got on his thighs :). He gets the coolest little band-aids, too. They are very rock star: shiny silver strips on each thigh.

I really can’t believe how quickly it’s all happening. On Mother’s Day, David told me not to cry when I was reading Harrison’s card and saying how fast it was going. He said, “But Mommy, I’m only 6 months”, and I replied, “But to me he’s already 6 months”. That’s why I make sure to take and give as many lovings as I can to my little man. I have to store some up for that day (hopefully in the very distant future) when Harrison won’t let me get away with that so easily.

“Happy First Mother’s Day, Mommy”

… read my first ever Mother’s Day card from our son. And let me tell you, it was a tear jerker. Not that it would’ve taken much to make me cry reading a card from our son on Mother’s Day, but then David went and picked out a card that held a photo. David picked a photo of me holding Harrison while he slept. David also made a movie/slide show of Harrison’s first six months. He has now surpassed me in his ability to use iMovie (not that I’ve played around with it a lot). The funny thing is that I was just telling him we should figure out how to make a menu screen on a dvd so we could make one for our parents. He read my mind. He seems to do that a lot, and quite frankly it’s very freaky.

the "tear jerker" photo

I guess I should rewind and tell you how my first Mother’s Day began. David didn’t make it a surprise he was going to treat me to breakfast in bed because he wanted to know what I wanted on my special day. So it all began with a delicious omelet and whole grain toast with coffee. We ate together while Harrison entertained himself in his bouncer. Yep, David made the trek upstairs with it and put it in our room. After breakfast, I got to open my cards and gifts from my parents and David and Harrison. Now, the sweet card and movie would have certainly been enough, but David went and surprised me with a digital SLR. It’s a Nikon D3000. He even got me two lenses and told me I could pick out my own case (he knows me too well). I was very excited. I love my Sony Cybershot, but it’s 5 years old and I can only back up so much to get a good photo. I will still use that one when we’re just out and about and I want to just stick a camera in my purse. It is truly amazing the difference a camera makes. Here are just a few pictures I’ve taken already. Note: they are all of Harrison and will likely all include Harrison in the future.

The wonderful day didn’t stop there. After lunch, we headed to the beautiful seminary downtown and walked around the campus before landing at a la mode to enjoy some yummy gelato. Even though Harrison didn’t really nap at this time, he was a wonderful little man and enjoyed the beautiful day with us. He didn’t last long past his 3:30 feeding, though, and took a long nap. We capped the day off with a wonderful dinner: barbecue ribs with homemade sauce, hot German potato salad, cucumbers and onions, and corn on the cob. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I could not have asked for a better day. I’m not sure how Harrison and I are going to top it for Father’s Day. I know that’s not the point, but my boys outdid themselves.

Eating in: Part 2

Well, we’re 3 weeks into our month of dining in, and it’s going great. As we sat down to our chicken stuffed with Jarlsberg and prosciutto last night, David and I talked about how much we were enjoying all the meals we’ve been having and how none of them have been too difficult to make or time-consuming (which is key now that little man is around). Most of the meals we’ve made, we’ve made together, and that is probably the best part. I love making a good meal for my man, but it’s nice when we do it together. The food just seems to taste better :).
Anyway, besides being budget-friendly, we were talking about how nice it’s been for lunches during the week. Unless we get pizza during the week, we usually don’t have leftovers from getting take-out, so then we’re left figuring out what to do for lunch the following day. We have out peanut butter and jelly and lunch meat and cheese, but you don’t want that for lunch everyday. Leftovers are always nice because you just put them away into a bowl for your lunch and then just pull it out of the fridge the next morning. There’s a sense of pride when you take a delicious dinner from the night before for lunch and your co-workers ask you what it is because it looks yummy and/or smells delicious.
Just one more week left for us, and it’s clear we will make it to our goal. For that, I am excited and overjoyed. It was easy and delicious. Look for a wrap-up of our meals and sorts at the end of the month.

Love is in the air…

Today is Valentine’s Day, and it was wonderful. It may sound cheesy, but it’s always better celebrating a holiday (Hallmark-created or not) with a new addition. I will even make a big deal about Harrison’s first St. Patrick’s Day. Deal with it :)!
It all began with some mommy-baby bonding time before I embarked on making buttermilk waffles with blueberry sauce and real whipped cream. Yummy :p. I even indulged in some caffeinated hazelnut coffee. Woo-hoo! The waffles with some bacon was delightful.
After breakfast and some family time, Mommy had to go finish some shopping. I found the cutest baby laptop from Sassy that has a mirror for a screen and color buttons. The power button changes modes to rhyme, play musical notes, or say the colors in English or Spanish. Textures, sound, fine motor skills…therapist likey :). Yes, it’s more appropriate for a few months from now, but Mommy and Daddy can operate it for Harrison now, and it’s never too early to expose him to color names. Plus, we can do some hand-over-hand manipulation.
We opened Harrison’s cards and gifts from family and us this afternoon. Only a baby would get so much on Valentine’s Day. He got some great books from both grandparents, as well as a cute outfit (babies always need more clothes). Harrison also got to see and talk to both sets of grandparents. He broke his vow of silence with Grandpa and Grandma Keith and did some talking.
David made a delicious dinner of Steak Diane with braised Belgian endive. For dessert we had organic yellow cake with dark chocolate ganache and fresh berries. Harrison helped us out by taking a good nap (which is rare at this time, lately).
It was the best Valentine’s so far, and we know it will only get better now that we have our little man to celebrate with. There’s nothing like celebrating your love for your family.