Nursery Progress

At 30 weeks, I’m more than a little nervous that we aren’t further along with the nursery. Maybe we weren’t further along with Harrison’s room at this stage, but I thought we were. With Harrison’s room we didn’t paint the walls because we already decided we could make the color work, and my co-worker’s husband painted a tree mural on the wall. Other than that, we repurposed some furniture and put in the crib and a rocking chair. This time around, we are pretty much starting from scratch. We started with an empty room with a wall color that we didn’t like. Enter “Project Nursery”.

The first step was to pick a color or colors for the room. We found a great blanket (more on that later) at an estate sale a few months back, and I decided I liked it for the nursery. Using that for color-inspiration, I headed to Lowe’s and got some paint samples in Olympic’s No VOC paint. We decided on our two colors: Sea Sprite and Heirloom Lace.

These two colors were not just for wall color and trim. No, I had bigger plans in mind. Enter Pinterest. Clearly, I was jumping on the chevron bandwagon. There are plenty of examples out there, as I found while perusing the Internet and pinning ideas. Here are a few I particularly liked:

This one from sabbe interior design that used contact paper and a mix of wide and narrow chevron.

And this grey and white chevron from House 36. This one seemed closest to the size of the wall we were hoping to cover and the size of chevron.

After finding some great inspiration, we needed to find some good tutorials. A lot of people referred to this tutorial from Casa Cullen. We had all the materials for this on hand, but I was concerned about getting the chalk line off the wall. Then, I saw these tutorials from Caitlin Wilson Design and Make Them Wonder. We did a combination of the two.

After David finished marking the wall for the chevron, and I started taping, I realized I wanted to go a different direction. I got very excited about what I was thinking, and quickly began looking up inspiration for my latest plan. That’s when I saw these:

A herringbone ceiling from Vintage Revivals:

Herringbone plates by forest clearing.

I’ll post later on why those plates were so inspiring, but for now, here are some pictures of the progress we’ve made with the painting so far.

Taping out the stripes

A lot of tape and a little bit of paint later...

Slowly, butt (oops, I mean "but") surely

We still have to put the other colors (say what?!) on the wall and put a second coat on the other walls, and paint the trim, but hey who’s keeping track of all that anyway. Man, and that’s just painting. We also have to assemble furniture like, oh, the crib. I can’t even think about that right now (but I am anyway). We still need a mattress for that crib and bedding for that mattress, and … too many other things.

I Heart…

these beautifully upholstered chairs up at HauteLook from Bohmod. They aren’t in our budget now, but have me wishing they were. These would look gorgeous somewhere in our house or anyone’s house. I would find a place for them or create one. Heck, I just might change the color scheme in one of the rooms to fit these in. I think any of these would be lovely as a dining room chair (1 at each end to spice things up), in a living room for conversation, or in home office/guest room for a desk chair that has style and doesn’t scream “office supply store”.

*Images can be found here