Just Another Day on the Farm

Well, our backyard, anyway.  Harrison pretends it’s his farm A LOT.  The play set is his barn: the top is the hayloft, and the bottom is the stalls for the animals.  His wagon is his trailer.  It seemed fitting that Harrison wanted a farm theme for his fourth birthday.

Party planner, I am not, but I enjoy having family and friends over; especially, for a birthday celebration.  I had fun with this one.  My favorite thing may have been the invitations we used.  We ordered them from sunnysideprintparty on Etsy.  I was flabbergasted Harrison didn’t choose the green tractor.  Usually, if it’s not John Deere, it isn’t a tractor.


I ran all my ideas by the “boss” (a.k.a., Harrison) to make sure he actually liked everything. I didn’t want to have a birthday for him that wasn’t really for him.  He picked out the invitation from several choices I found.  I was good to myself and kept it simple this year.  Instead of a cake, I made cupcakes and put plastic farm animals on top. (Okay, full disclosure: I also made a tractor cake, but that was in a cake pan, and for his family celebration.) I didn’t put out a lot of food because the party was early afternoon. Just apples, oranges, and popcorn.  I made apple cider to drink.  See.  Simple.  I did learn that I should inform people they can eat the food when I make a display like this.  Apparently, people thought it looked nice and was just decoration.


DSC_0083We planned several activities to keep the children busy, and I really didn’t need to.  The weather was beautiful, so everyone pretty much played outside.  Nice to not have a lot of young children running around the house.





No one played "pin the wheel on the tractor", but David worked hard on it.

No one played “pin the wheel on the tractor”, but David worked hard on it.

The birthday boy had a great day, and I’m left feeling cliché.  Where did the time go?  How is my little baby already 4?! Le sigh.


photo 1

photo 2


Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us.  It was a wonderful celebration.


I was getting ready to write up another post about Harrison and our wonderful conversations, and I realized I rarely post about Beckett.  I think the last time may have been his birth.  He pops up in photos and other posts, but never a post devoted to him.

Here’s the thing. You have your first child, and you (well, me, and I’m guessing a lot of other moms) compare him to charts, books, and other children his age.  You ask other moms about their children (secretly taking mental notes about whether your child is doing the same thing or more), and you talk about your child (mostly to share, but also to brag).  I hope I don’t sound terrible.  I’m just being honest.  I am pretty sure I may have quizzed Harrison on his body part identification abilities after a play date.  In all seriousness, it can be very easy to get caught up in comparing your child. You worry about things.  Well, you do if you’re me.

Then you have another child.  For us, that was our sweet Beckett.


From the moment he was born, he was different than Harrison. To start, he was over two pounds smaller.  Made for a happier mommy in terms of labour, but made for a worry-wart when it came to monitoring his growth.  He also had stomach issues and needed some extra TLC from us.  It was hard not to compare him to his older brother, but it was making things very hard for me to do so.  I had to learn to stop comparing and just focus on Beckett.  When I did that, I realized he may have had some stomach issues, and it may have made things a little more difficult, but he was healthy. Beckett was beautiful, and he was all we hoped for and more.   He still is.

Fast-forward 16 months (otherwise, you would have to read this in installments), and we are right here. Beckett continues to bring joy to our family.  He has untold love for his big brother, and it is the.best.thing.  I wish a picture could capture how he lights up when Harrison comes into a room.

IMG_3718 DSC_0019


Beckett has always demonstrated this tenderness that is hard to describe. When his older brother is upset, he will stop what he’s doing and go give a hug and kiss.  He loves to check in on people and give random affection.  He will offer toys or stuffed animals to make other children happy.  This boy is going to make things happen with his extreme love for people.


Beckett is a pleaser.  He seems to make a concerted effort to do what we ask and help out.  Things may not go exactly where they should, but he understands he needs to clean up and put away.  Shoes may not be perfectly placed, but he knows where they go.  If he sees me closing one door, he will walk around closing any other open doors.  His new thing is to go around pointing out any crumbs or mess on the floor and say, “Uh-oh!”.  Many times he will pick it up and throw it away.  A few times, he may have tried to eat it.  Just a few…

IMG_3431Beckett is very independent.  Sometimes I just watch him, amazed at his capabilities and ingenuity.  He was drinking out of an open cup at 9 months.  Before he was walking independently, he would push his walker until he was next to another object he could cruise along.  Instead of getting upset when his walker became stuck, he would finagle it until he could move it again. Nowadays, you can find me nervously awaiting what he’s going to climb next. If we blink, Beckett is in our room scaling our bed.  He is strong, and fast!

My (second) little man works hard and perseveres.  Of course he gets upset. After all, he’s a toddler.  But, he sticks with things.  I took a video of him doing his stacking rings a few weeks ago, and I smile every time I hear his little “ha” when he figures it out.  Beckett is very proud of himself for his accomplishments.  Sometimes, he claps for himself, but often it’s a little smile, and then he moves on.  I get such joy just watching him do things.

All of this to say that I see so much more now that I’m just observing Beckett in his environment, rather than occupying myself with what he should be doing and comparing him to Harrison at the same age.  The truth is that there are probably things Harrison did that Beckett doesn’t do, and there are probably things Beckett does that Harrison didn’t do.  I don’t think any more or less of my boys for these things. They are individuals.  IMG_3673 It’s been a whirlwind 16-months! Once again, I find myself wondering where the time went.  I don’t feel like I’m missing things, though. Even though I may not know what day (or month) Beckett uttered his first word or got his first tooth, I do know which tooth came in first, and which word he said. I also know that I love how he says, “Mah-muh!” and smiles as he runs toward me to kiss me.  Such a sweet boy.






“They say it’s your birthday…”

So, I turned 31 a few weeks ago. Hopefully, you wished me, “Happy Birthday” on Facebook. If not, we are clearly not the best of friends. I kid, I kid… Seriously, though, it was a great birthday. I already told you what my most-awesomest husband whipped up for me in this post. I didn’t really talk much about my actual birthday. Spoiler alert: that’s what’s about to happen, so if you’re not interested, you probably should stop reading now. There’s some mention of my adorable children and dashing husband, but this is mostly about me. There’s no diy projects, either. Sorry.

So…. David and Harrison made breakfast: crepes and eggs. I would show you a picture, but those babies were gone lickety-split. I got to open my cards and gifts afterward. They were sweet, and Beckett’s involved food. David whipped up some chocolate-peanut butter concoction and had Beckett put his hand and footprint in it. I later told him I saw said gift in the freezer and almost told him I thought something odd was happening to it because it appeared to be rising in the center. Turns out that was just after Beckett left his imprint. I also asked why he felt the need to stick our son’s hand and foot in food, and he told me that he thought it would be nice to personalize it. Well, either way, it was delicious.


I swear the boy doesn’t know where to put his hands. That shall forever be his excuse.


Yes, Beckett has on Halloween pajamas. Don't judge.

Yes, Beckett has on Halloween pajamas. Don’t judge.

We headed to Cottleville to VB Chocolate Bar, and got some coffees. Um, if you haven’t been there (and can), GO. Sure they have nice chocolates and cocktails, but the coffee is uh-mazing. I got an iced lavender and (drawing a blank) latte. Now you have to go to find out what it was. We got a family picture, and I got a picture of me with the boys. You know it had to be my birthday.



Don’t get too excited, Beckett.

Afterward, Harrison and I went to Faust Park for the rest of the morning. He rode a purple dinosaur (thankfully, not Barney), and I had a conversation with a 9-year-old, 4th grader, who is the youngest, but smartest in his class. He also wanted me to watch him climb and jump off of everything. This was the 9-year-old complete stranger, not my son. I asked him at one point where his mother was, and he told me in a meeting. Fortunately, the meeting was on a picnic table not too far away. I still felt the need to tell her when we left to enter the Butterfly House. You know, in case she was relying on me to watch her son.

IMG_3692After The Butterfly House, we met David and Beckett for lunch.



I did a little shopping on my own for the afternoon (whoop, whoop), and then we all had birthday cake that David and Harrison made. So much food. Apparently, people in this house think food is the way to my heart.

IMG_3712We all went out for sushi for dinner, and, I kid you not, we were there so early that the entire time it was just us. If that is not the difference between your 31st and 21st birthday, I do not know what is. Wait, maybe it’s the difference between having children and not having children… Either way, it was delightful, and I must end with a gratuitous shot of my little foodie using his chopsticks.

IMG_3713Oh, did I say there wasn’t going to be many photos of my two adorable children? I lied. They pop up everywhere.

Best. Dad. Ever.


I think that about sums it up. Shortest post ever.




…Of course not! First of all, I am not a woman of few words. Second of all, I can’t let Father’s Day pass (too much longer) without informing the masses about my most wonderful husband.  See, in my opinion, and our boys’, David is the Best. Dad. Ever.  And that’s all that really matters. He is the best dad our two boys could ask for.  He also happens to be the best dad I could have asked for for them.  Good thing.

Days like Mother’s and Father’s Day are pretty important around here. I get just as excited plotting planning for this occasion, as I do for birthdays or other holidays.  There’s just something about putting together a day devoted to the man who helps you raise your children. I think it’s extra special around here because we happen to have two boys. I can only hope they continue to desire to be just like their daddy. 

We didn’t give him breakfast in bed, but we did let David pick his breakfast and hang the card on the door. We are nothing if not fancy-schmancy around here. My original plan was to let David “sleep-in” while Harrison helped me with breakfast and Beckett played. As it turned out, both boys ended up in our room playing with Daddy. It was really kind of perfect because what better way to start the day with your boys who want nothing but to spend time with you? I could hear them laughing and reading stories while I made breakfast. Um, it was like I planned the perfect father-son bonding time. You know, except for a few thuds and crying (I kid, I kid…).

We gave David a few cards and gifts after breakfast.  Harrison was excited about giving David his cards since he pretty much picked them all (yes, there were multiple) out.  He also loves “helping” people open gifts.

DSC_0022 DSC_0011 DSC_0076 DSC_0028


I’m sure you notice David wearing two different shirts. He’s such an awesome dad, that pretty much as soon as he opened the t-shirt at the beginning of this post, he changed into it.  He also read the books the boys gave him more than a few times to Harrison (while Beckett walked around with one of the cards they gave him). That last picture is David reading an “About my dad” questionnaire Harrison answered. I started this with Harrison last year, and I hope to continue it with him, and Beckett, throughout the years.

The rest of the day was full of fun (park time), relaxing for Daddy (while Beckett napped, and I took Harrison on a walk), and special treats. We had our first ever crab boil, and a 7-layer s’mores cake was involved. The cake may have been David’s favorite part.

More than gifts or this post could ever say, this day was to celebrate the wonderful way in which David is a father to his sons.  I count my blessings every day that I married him and that my boys get to know him as their father. We love you, David/Daddy!

DSC_0058 DSC_0088 DSC_0078



Our Memorial Day Weekend

Like most things, I am just getting around to our Memorial Day weekend almost 2 weeks after the fact. It was a nice weekend. By that, I mean it was full of the essentials. You know: good food, family, fun… (Yes, those are in the right order.)

Friday night, Harrison planned dinner, and we had a movie night. This was a special night for him, as he had just finished another wonderful school year, and we had told him we were having a night for him. He chose homemade fish sticks, sweet potato fries, and asparagus for dinner, and Ratatouille for our movie. We even had popcorn. Harrison loved it!

Saturday, we all enjoyed lunch at Trailhead Brewing Company in St. Charles. We hadn’t eaten there yet, and my older brother was able to meet us. That’s always awesome in Harrison’s book. Not that the rest of us don’t enjoy my brother; Harrison just really really loves when he knows Uncle Scott will be somewhere. It warms my heart.

IMG_3259 IMG_3260Beckett…not so much.

IMG_3262Just kidding. Beckett just had his eyes on more food.

I also happened to capture one of my new favorite photos of Harrison.

IMG_3264Saturday was our pizza night. We used the bread machine I got for Mother’s Day. I am in love! I was already loving making our own bread, but I was officially in after making pizza dough. The ease of the bread machine combined with the technique from The Splendid Table, makes some pretty darn good crust.

Sunday, we drove to Marthasville to David’s grandma’s house. We spent time with David’s parents, his great-Grandma (obviously), and his Aunt Pat and cousin, Jenna. Harrison played around on the farm, rode the gator with Grandpa and Jenna, and walked Maggie. Beckett mostly slept, but he sure enjoyed playing with everyone when he was awake.  I think David and I enjoyed being able to just sit and talk with everyone.

DSC_0009 DSC_0030 DSC_0084 DSC_0112 DSC_0127 DSC_0139


Monday, we stayed at home, and Uncle Scott came over to eat with us. I told you food was critical to a good weekend. David grilled, and the boys played outside. We tried to take a walk to the lake nearby, but the weather deterred us. That just meant wrestling Uncle Scott in the basement. Poor Uncle Scott.


It was such a wonderful weekend! Long weekends are always nice, but fill them with family and good food, and they are even better.

A Tale of Two Pregnancies: Part 1 of ?

I haven’t really posted much on this pregnancy other than nursery updates. Not via blog, and certainly not via Facebook. Sure, there’s been the occasional, “I feel tired” or “Not feeling so great today”, and a couple “status updates” about appointments (I was seriously upset about that Glucose screen). There are a myriad of reasons. Some of them silly: How many people will care that we’re having a 2nd child? Some of them serious: Yes, we’re 12 weeks, but what if something happens and I’ve gone and told over 100 people I’m pregnant?; Why tell over 100 people when the ones I really want to tell, I’ll tell in person or via phone call? (Sorry if I offended some of you.) And, if I were really honest about it, I just didn’t think to post about the pregnancy this time around. Not because we weren’t overly excited about this baby, but because it was just different. I’m not sure how to explain it.

Like my pregnancy with Harrison, I just knew I was pregnant this time. My younger brother was actually visiting us, and I took the test before taking him to the airport. It’s a funny feeling knowing you’re pregnant, but not telling your brother. I was only 6 weeks along, and I wanted to first share the news with David. Last time, I made a big production about telling David, but this time (for a variety of reasons), I just wanted to tell him immediately. I did go to Target after taking my brother to the airport and purchase a “little sister” and “little brother” onesie. When I got home, I got them both out and asked Harrison which one he liked. David just looked at me and said, “Seriously?!”, and then gave me a huge hug (and maybe a kiss). Harrison joined in on the love fest because he always wants to be part of lovings.

Needless to say, we were an excited family, but things just happened differently this time around. We had sold our house and were in the process of moving to Missouri. I already wasn’t feeling well this time, and that lasted well into my second trimester. My work was getting very stressful, and we were trying to figure out what would be best for me professionally. To top it all off, we had Harrison who wasn’t quite two, but good luck telling him that. He was proving to be more than a handful for us. Basically, there was a lot going on. I was, and have been, very stressed throughout this entire pregnancy.

That feels like a good stopping point for now. Obviously, I’m not sure how many posts will be part of this series, but as I approach the end of this pregnancy (I’m 36 weeks now), I felt it time to write about this pregnancy.  I’m thinking I’ll delve more into my feelings (physically and emotionally) next time.

Work/Play Day

You might think that’s everyday, but this was a special day a couple of weekends ago that our family spent out at Vollmer Farms in Bunn, NC. As mentioned a few months ago, our family is members of a local CSA. I had forgotten that I said our family would participate (it was completely voluntary) until I received an email reminder a couple of weeks beforehand. I am glad I did because we had a great time working and meeting some other CSA members.

We arrived a little late, per usual now that we have Harrison and everything takes about twice as long as I think it will. Good thing many of the other members had children, so we actually appeared to be on time (note to self: apparently you will always be at least 10-15 minutes late when bringing children along). After a quick explanation of what the morning would entail, we were off in a trailer pulled by a tractor. Harrison loved it! Our group twisted broccoli, dug potatoes, and weeded. The cool thing about the broccoli was that the broccoli we were picking was going to another local farm to feed the pigs and cows. It was nice to learn how the local farmers were working together to help each other out. While David and I twisted broccoli and carted crate loads to the truck, Harrison enjoyed sitting on dirt mounds and tossing dirt up in the air and running up and down the rows.

It was neat to have him help with the potatoes since he had helped his Grandpa Bunge plant potatoes back in April when we were in Missouri. I would tell him, “Use your muscles” and he would pull the potato off and grunt. It was adorable. Not that it takes much for me to think what Harrison does is adorable.

I think what I liked best about our work – how weird am I – was the weeding. I think I liked that part so much because it meant the farm wasn’t spraying their plants with pesticides. It felt good doing that, although I admit I would not want to do it everyday. I was definitely ready to stop after a few hours and enjoy some food. Everyone contributed a dish, most of which contained ingredients from the weekly CSA shares. We got to enjoy some delicious food and get some more ideas for using the produce we receive. To cap it all off, we were treated to some farm-made strawberry ice cream. I’m pretty sure that was Harrison’s favorite part.

After a morning full of work and play, Harrison was ready to crash. We are going back soon, though, because they have The Back Forty, which is an awesome play area for kids. We also want to pick some blueberries and blackberries, which starts this weekend. I love having a place like that so close to us.


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15 Months, Baby!

(well, almost 16 by now), although Harrison just had his 15-month well check about 2 weeks ago. Time sure flies, and Mommy wants it to slow down a little bit. We were on a walk the other day, and I commented to David how I couldn’t believe how Harrison had grown. I brought up last Mother’s Day when Harrison was 6 months, and David told me, “Don’t cry, Mommy (for Harrison), I’m only 6 months old.” And, to that, I replied, “Yeah, but to me he’s ‘already’ 6 months old.” Well, here were are about 10 months later, if you can believe it. Anyway, back to Harrison’s well check. Not surprisingly, he was 33 3/4″ tall (>95%) and 25 lbs, 13 oz(70% for height). He took his 3 shots like a champ, even if he didn’t like them initially. Daddy did great, but Mommy always struggles a bit. I was trying so hard to put on a happy face and entertain Harrison. I have to give kudos to the nurse for being so quick about it. Just as quickly as he started crying, Harrison was smiling and talking. Plus, can you really complain when you get shiny silver band aids on your battle wounds? (I think not) The doctor was a little concerned about these pimple-like bumps on the back of Harrison’s right leg. She said it looked viral, but he seemed fine otherwise. She recommended a 1% Hydrocortisone 2x/day along w/ his Cetaphil. We also changed his bath soap/shampoo to baby Aquaphor. Apparently, he’s sensitive even to the Method baby and Burts Bees soaps. Our little man has beautiful, but very sensitive, skin.

So, this is what’s going on now that Harrison is 15-months:

1.) Harrison is walking/running everywhere any time he gets the chance. The only time we get to hold him is when he’s tired. This is great for the most part. When we arrive home, we get Harrison out of his car seat and set him on the driveway to walk to the front door. Most of the time this is where he goes, but sometimes he heads toward the backyard. This makes for longer trips to the house, but it’s worth it for allowing Harrison his independence. Plus, it frees up my hands to carry everything in instead of making several trips or looking like a circus act as I juggle child in one arm and 5 other things in the other.

2.) Harrison’s hair continues to grow, and it’s still not clear whose hair he has. We both had lighter hair as toddlers, but Harrison seems to have more hair than I did at that age. He also seems to have David’s cowlicks. He’s had one hair cut (back at Christmas), but already needs another one. That hair doesn’t want to stay out of his eyes. I like the “crazy bird” look, but David wants to tame it a little bit.

3.) Our awesome eater is becoming a little more of a picky eater. I know this is common for his age, but it’s still not without its frustrations. Harrison now scoffs at foods he eagerly anticipated just one or two months ago. He bats spoons of lovely vegetables out of our hands. He looks at us with a certain je né sais quois before throwing handfuls of food on the kitchen floor. David and I are walking a fine line between refusing to be short order cooks and making sure Harrison gets enough to eat. We just stick with what we’re doing since Harrison seems to regulate pretty well. It does help if we all eat together and eat the same thing. Sometimes we find ourselves feeding him and then eating after he goes to bed because we’re trying to make sure he gets to bed around 7, and a dinner for everyone just isn’t happening before that. We seem to struggle most when that occurs.

4.) The teeth keep on coming. I think at 12 months, Harrison had 8 teeth, working on 10 and 11. Now he has 12 teeth, working on 13, 14, and 15 possibly. I just spotted a lower canine this morning, which likely ties into #3. We find that Harrison is pickier about food and develops irregular sleeping patterns during the day when he’s teething. He’s also been seeking a lot of oral input lately from his fingers and toys.

5.) Little man is talking a lot – to us, to the dogs, to the neighbors, to random person at Target… He also likes to chat with his toys (which is extremely adorable). We by no means understand everything he is saying, but he says it with such emotion and passion, that we feel like we know what he’s talking about. Not to say that Harrison doesn’t have some intelligible word approximations and words (some of these may be repeats from 12 months): “nigh-nigh” (night-night), “nilk” (milk), “daddy”, “mama”, “hi”, “dye” (bye), “down”, “no”, “no” (nose), “eye”, “socks”, “shoe”, “duh” (door), “ta ca” (trashcan), “I cea” (I clean), “moo”, “yum”, “woof”, “yeah”, “ba” (ball), “nana” (banana; sorry Nana), “appuh” (apple), “oguh” (yogurt), “pease” (please), “muh” (more), “wahwuh” (water). He still signs “more”, “please”, and “all done”, which is very helpful when his words aren’t as clear or he gets frustrated.

6.) Harrison has become quite the little helper. He is all about wiping his hands and face after meals & wiping his place mat, which is good after the mess he can make (see #3). When he gets down from a meal, he also likes to take a swipe of the floor to clean that, too. He must throw his trash away, of course. And we already have him learning where the recycle is for when items go there. It’s so awesome to have him helping (mostly). He will also put his clothes, along w/ shoes, toys, etc in his laundry bin and put toys away. His receptive skills continue to delight me. I will tell him, “It’s time to go upstairs for bedtime”, and he knows he has to put his toys away and then he heads upstairs to his room.

7.) Sometimes, Harrison can be a little monster, but we know that this is something we all have to suffer go through, and we’re working with our little man. We ignore unless he might hurt himself, so the tantrums tend not to go on too long. We are also working hard to tell Harrison what to do or what he can do instead of “No” and what not to do. This seems to benefit everyone.

8.) Harrison likes to hand out the hugs and kisses. Mostly to Mom and Dad (which is fine by us), but he will blow kisses and hug others when asked. The other day he got plowed over by someone, and, although he was upset, he reached out and hugged the other little boy. I was very proud at that moment, and I just had to hug him back. He seems to think when I want a kiss that I am leaving, so he will start telling me, “Dye-dye”. Granted, I always request my hugs and kisses before I leave, but sometimes I have to tell him, “Mommy’s not leaving. I just want your good lovings.” :).

So, 15 months, and I wouldn’t ask for things to be any other way (okay, no tantrums would be nice. Who are we kidding?). Harrison is a very loved little boy, and he definitely shows his love to us.


It came as no surprise that our family had so much to be thankful for this past year. Last Thanksgiving was pretty splendiferous since Harrison had just been born, but now that Harrison can actually stay awake for longer than 20 minutes at a time, it was a lot more fun this year. We got an early start on family time when Uncle Kevin arrived Monday afternoon.

Playing with Uncle Kevin

David’s parents arrived Tuesday night, but we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with them until Wednesday. Speaking of Wednesday, I didn’t get the “original” turkey out of the freezer until Wednesday morning (oops) so we had to get another one that afternoon. I think we could’ve made the first one work, but someone would’ve had to been constantly changing out water and patting the turkey. Not what anyone wants to be doing when there’s family to spend time with. Instead, we had a fresh turkey ready to cook in the morning and spent Wednesday evening going out to dinner and then baking and prepping food while drinking wine and chatting. Much better!

Thursday went so smoothly, I wouldnt’ have thought we were making a Thanksgiving meal for 7 people. We had the turkey in the oven by 8 and then took our time with the rest of the meal and ate by 11:30. We had to eat a little early because, sadly, Kevin had to go back to Connecticut that afternoon. I would like to take this moment to bow and receive my applause because not only did he get a fantastic meal (with Nancy’s help), but also enjoyed homemade pumpkin pie with homemade whip cream. Actually, I can’t believe I hadn’t made my own whip cream before. It was so easy, and you can add any flavor to it that you want. I just used vanilla, but it would be delightful with almond extract, lemon, or hazelnut.

The rest of the day we spent watching football, drink more wine, eating dessert and taking a walk. Katie, Nancy, and I even caught a movie. And the men had bought slaved over dinner while we were gone.  It was awesome! I am use to leftovers for dinner, but Chinese was great, too. And the fact that I didn’t have to do anything was even better. A viewing of,  “It’s Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown” that night made the day complete. I was a happy lady.

On Friday, we braved the weather and crowds and got massages ;). Yep, no early shopping for us this year. Last year I didn’t mind because I had to be up with Harrison anyway, but not this year. We ladies got massages, did some shopping downtown Wake Forest, and had lunch out. Then we came back while the men went out and did a little more shopping with Harrison. David went to a comedy show with his family that night while I gladly was forced to stay home and watch a romantic comedy and drink a glass of wine with some popcorn (no, I am not an alcoholic. But, if you’re counting, that’s 3 glasses in as many days).

Saturday we had a nice family breakfast here at the house and David’s parents  headed out with his sister, Katie, to an estate sale in Raleigh. We met them for lunch before everyone headed back home. A hush fell over our home Saturday afternoon because it was just the 4 of us.  It was such a wonderful time with family, and I am so thankful they came to us to celebrate Thanksgiving. We felt so loved and blessed to know we are surrounded by such beautiful people.

Sunday we spent the day as a family playing, taking an adventurous walk in the woods and talking to my family on Skype. It honestly does not get much better. Except for at Christmas, when we get to see everyone in person again. The holidays are truly magical. Okay, I will stop being so sappy, as tradition has been these past few posts, share a little slide show of pictures from our wonderful Thanksgiving.

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