Harrison’s Gems



Whew, there have been quite a few of these, lately. Honestly, I should do a weekly post of “Harrison’s Gems”, but I forget to write them down sometimes, then I’m left trying to remember how they came out, and what the context was. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, my brain is no longer capable of remembering anything other than I thought it was funny or clever. Bummer.

I do have a lot since the last time I posted, so I will help myself out (since I already fell off my 2x/week-post-wagon) and just share a few this time around. One thing is evident by these snippets into Harrison’s life. He loves his family fiercely. Even when talking about what seems like the smallest things, he gets super excited. It’s hard to convey that in writing, but this boy lights up when he talks about his family. His whole demeanor changes, and there is something different about him. His voice changes, and he gets a big smile.

H: (showing me the wooden beads he strung) I made this necklace for Grandpa.

M: You mean, ‘Nana’?

H: No. It’s for Grandpa.

M: Why is the necklace for Grandpa?

H: Oh, he needs color. 


H: I love finding worms, Mommy. 

M: Why do you like that so much?

H: Because Ketcher asked me. 


H: (on the way to the Farmer’s Market) Is Uncle Scott meeting us, Mommy?

M: Yes.

H: I want to hold Uncle Scott’s hand.


Daddy, if you’re reading this: There are no super-special-secret foods you can eat with or around Harrison. I’m not sure why you haven’t figured that one out yet. I present Exhibit A:

H: You know what, Mommy?!

M: What, Harrison?

H: Me and Daddy ate a secret-special burrito and fries. Daddy said it was a secret. (I don’t even want to know where from.)

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Harrison’s Gems


I’m back with another installment of the things Harrison says that amuse me for some reason or another.

Daddy: “Harrison, did you know we just had an election for President? We re-elected Barack Obama.”

Harrison: “It’s broccoli, Daddy.”

Harrison: “Can I play in the basement?”

Mommy: “Not right now. We can go after Beckett goes down for his nap.”

Harrison: (a few minutes later, and Beckett is fussing) “I think Beckett needs to go to sleep, Mommy. He’s crying. He’s tired.”

Mommy: “I don’t feel well, Harrison. You’ll have to be patient with Mommy.”

Harrison: “Oh, I will give you a hug, Mommy, and make you feel better.”

Harrison: “No, don’t touch those, Beckett. They’re too spicy!” (He knows Beckett is putting things in his mouth, and he also knows he doesn’t like to put spicy things in his mouth.)

Harrison: “Mississippi is a time, Mommy.”

Mommy: “What do you mean, Harrison?”

Harrison: “The kids in the Elementary always say, ‘1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…’.”

Mommy: “Well, Mississippi is a state, just like Missouri.”

Harrison: “Where is she?”

Mommy: (I’m still not understanding) “Huh? I’m talking about a state. Mississippi is 1 of 50 states in our country.”

Harrison: “I don’t see her.”

Mommy: “Oh! No, sweetie. It’s one word. Mississippi (trying to say it faster). It’s not ‘Miss Issippi’.”

Harrison: (why he didn’t help with making waffles) “Daddy told me not to.”

Mommy: Daddy isn’t here, Harrison. He didn’t say that.”

Harrison: “He sent me a text.”

Mommy: “Do you need a tissue?”

Harrison: “No.”

Mommy: “Then, why are you sniffling?”

Harrison: “I’m pretending to be a dog.”

Harrison: “Never be together. Your friends, and my friends, and your friends…” (his rendition of Taylor Swift)

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