A Birthday Fit for a {Little} Man

Well, Beckett’s birthday was three weeks ago, but I’m just getting back into this blogging thing (remember), so better late than never. Many of you probably already saw pictures from Beckett’s birthday, and may have gathered there was a theme to it. We went with a “Little Man” theme. Yes, that seems to be the trend right now, but that’s not why we did it. See, we have always referred to our boys as our little men. Harrison was, and still is, our first “little man”, and Beckett followed suit. Although, he mostly goes by “Beckett Bear” (not sure exactly why). It was only fitting Beckett’s first birthday would have a little man theme, and I can’t help that lots of people are doing it. I am thankful for all the inspiration out there. No point in reinventing the wheel.

While I purchased some items (mostly food), I used a lot of what we had or free printables that were out there. As our guests arrived, they were greeted at the door with this awesome sign I found via Mama Miss. I actually didn’t take a photo of this, but it looked pretty similar to her image. I didn’t tie any ribbon on mine, though, and I used a bigger embroidery hoop to make it more substantial on our front door.

As everyone came into the house, we had David’s home office set up to receive Beckett’s gifts. We did this for Harrison’s birthday, too. It makes it nice to keep the gifts “out of the way”. It wasn’t an issue for Beckett because he just turned one, and he isn’t concerned with all of that, but once you hit toddler age, it’s nice to have a place to put gifts that isn’t the center of attention. We just closed the doors at Harrison’s party until it was time to open gifts.


The streamers were so easy to make, and I loved how they turned out. Here’s the tutorial I used. I put some in the kitchen, too, but I think it might have had an even cooler effect if I’d hung them all here. I was even thinking an ombre effect would be awesome. I did this the morning of Beckett’s party, though, so I didn’t have that kind of time.

Here they are in the kitchen. Hi, Dad!


The party really happened in the living room and kitchen. Although, I think if the food was in the entry way, that’s where everyone would’ve been. Seriously, my mom and mother-in-law made some delicious dips that were the hit of the party. Next time, I will just serve their dips with vegetable and crackers. I’m not joking.

While I do sometimes wish I had a kitchen I could close a door on when we have guests and I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I do love the open concept of our home. It makes it that much warmer and inviting. Nothing like your close family coming together to celebrate one of your children’s birthdays and enjoying good food and conversation. It truly was a celebration of life and the importance of family.


DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0075

You can see in the living room pictures, that we had some decorations in there, too. We made that chalkboard frame before Harrison’s birthday, so all we had to do was write a birthday message to Beckett. I just purchased pom-pom fringe at Jo Ann’s to decorate the frame. The tie banner had some of David’s old ties on it along with some pictures of Beckett over the past year. The pictures are from a cool site called Prinstagram. I ordered them before Valentine’s Day along with some mini albums they make. I love to do little things like that to draw people in and get to talking about different events. Always makes for good conversation.

DSC_0128 DSC_0129

Another thing we did for Beckett’s birthday that we did for Harrison’s birthday was a photo album of pictures over the past year. This is a great way for us to commemorate Beckett’s past year, but it also served as a means for our guests to write birthday wishes for Beckett. I think this will mean so much to him when he’s older, and I love looking back after things have settled down from party mayhem and reading all the notes people left. I ordered this one from MyPublisher because I had a voucher from Living Social. They pop up all the time!

Here’s a few more detail shots. I made the straw bottles with empty bottles, straws I already had, and mustache stickers from the Dollar Spot at Target over Valentine’s. The plastic cups have washi tape on them that I already on hand. While I thought these made for a nice touch, most people just drank from a bottle (root beer or beer), and I didn’t need to do this. Oh well. I enjoyed it.

DSC_0004 DSC_0007

The cake bunting I made with a free printable from here. I debated making a mustache-shaped cake or topping the cake with mustaches, but in the end, I didn’t want to go overboard with the theme, and decided a simple bunting atop the cake was the way to go.


The cake was just for Beckett, but big brother got some, too. I mean, how could we resist that face?



We didn’t leave our guests out (and we wanted a treat, too). I baked French donuts and donut holes and coated them with cinnamon and sugar. I normally don’t serve my donuts in paper liners, but this was to keep everyone’s hands from touching every donut when they chose what they wanted.


David helped me add the details to the root beer. I didn’t want to serve “soda” because I knew Harrison would want some. I also liked the idea of having beer for adults and “beer” for the kids. Harrison kept telling everyone he got to have a beer. I’m sure his teachers didn’t take him too seriously the following week at school.


I made this banner with plain chipboard pennants. I made one completely from “scratch” for Harrison’s first birthday, and I decided it was worth a few extra dollars to not have to cut all the triangles out this time. I was pleased with the result.


We didn’t leave Truman out for such an important occasion. He was the only one who took the bow tie seriously.

DSC_0067I won’t go into a run down of Beckett’s gifts, but I did want to share a gift Harrison gave him. He picked this out with Grandpa at a flea market. When I asked him why he chose a piano, Harrison told me, “I know Beckett likes music, and he will like the noise it makes.”. It was a winner.

DSC_0080Beckett’s party didn’t coincide with his actual birthday (that was a few days later), so we kept our family gifts until then. We still celebrated, but we just kept things low-key. There was cake, of course. What’s a birthday without cake?!

The Big 0-1!

…as my brother, Stephen, put it. Harrison turned 1 last Tuesday, and he went for his 12-month well check today. David and I can hardly believe it’s already been a year. Harrison has changed so much in this past year, I don’t even know where to begin. I think I may just rattle off what comes to mind and come back and edit as needed. Those who know me may think I write rough drafts before actually “publishing”, but I typically write these things on the fly. (Gasp!) Alright, people, hold onto your seats, because here we go:
1.) Harrison weighs 24lbs, 6 oz. He weighed in at just 7 lbs, 13 oz at birth, so he’s more than tripled his original weight! That puts him in the 75% for weight based on his height, which is…drumroll please
2.) 32″. Little man has grown 10.5″ in the past 12 months. He is >95%. David is definitely his daddy :).
3.) Stand up, be proud, shout your name out loud… Harrison decided that he could stand independently now that he’s 1. Seriously. 1, maybe 2, days before his 1st birthday, Harrison stood up in our bedroom using the bench and then let go holding a toy in his hands. On his actual birthday, he stood up 2 or 3 times while our neighbors were over without holding onto anything. When we were in MO this past weekend, he showed off his skills numerous times. I’ve got picture-proof, people!
4.) Cruisin’: Harrison isn’t walking yet (not worried at all about that), but he cruises along the furniture and walks along the room pushing his toys. Just yesterday he decided to walk sideways while pushing his lion. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he’s walking because he is finally walking toward us or others while holding hands, but for now, we’ll be content with where he is.
5.) Monkey child: Harrison climbs everything. The child will make attempts to climb on, over, and in everything. We’ve caught him in his toy baskets on more than one occasion, and just the other day he used his LeapFrog table to walk over to the ottoman and then proceeded to step onto the ottoman. He also tries to scale his gate. There is nothing for his toes to cling onto, but he will grab the top of the gate, pull himself up and have his feet flat against the mesh lining. A little scary how strong he is. One morning he appeared to be doing chin-ups. That’s impressive since Mommy can barely pull one of those off.
6.) Say what?!: Harrison likes to talk – A LOT. This is great since I’m a speech therapist, but still no “mama”. Actually, I hear it when he’s really frustrated and when he’s giving kisses, but it’s mostly “dada” this and “dada” that ;). I use that to my advantage, though. Harrison produces good approximations of “thank you”, “hi”, “yay”, “dada/dad/daddy”, “do” (dog), “duh” (done), “go”, “dai” (bye), “uh-oh” and “oh”. He is my little talker; when he wants to be.
7.) What’s your sign?: Harrison is consistently signing “more” and “all done” and shakes his head no (of course). He also puts his arms up for “so big”. He sometimes points at things or shrugs with his hands out for “where?” or “I don’t know”. He’s also good at waving “hi” and “bye”. It’s very cute.
8.) Hungry man: Still our good eater. B/f today consisted of bagel with cream cheese, banana and milk; lunch – turkey, mango, and veggies + milk; snack – blueberry yogurt; dinner – whole-grain blueberry waffles, eggs, and mango + milk.
9.) Moo – Harrison started drinking whole milk mixed in with breast milk last week. We are at 50-50 right now, working our way to 100% cow milk. I’m still pumping, so he’s still getting the “liquid gold”. We are working hard to get him to drink strictly from a cup or sippy cup, but he still prefers his bottle at times. He drank from a sippy cup during dinner, but wanted to finish his milk from the bottle afterward.
10.) Work hard/play harder – You can constantly see those gears turning in his brain. I love how our little man figures things out and observes so closely. He is quite the sponge and loves to learn new things. This is good – stacking cups, playing with cars, feeding himself and bad – climbing over the baskets to escape previously inescapable areas, climbing furniture, going up/down stairs, chucking cups and food halfway across the room, tantrums because we won’t let him do everything himself even though he can’t really do it…
11.) Chomp-chomp – Harrison has 8 teeth and working on more. His doctor informed us today that his molars were coming in. Awesome! (insert huge sarcasm) This has made Harrison love crunchy foods and chewing. Unfortunately, it also means some biting. Look at #10 for what happens when we don’t let him bite :(.
12.) Book worm – Harrison has always loved books. I think this is because David read to him before bed since he was born. Even when he didn’t want to be held for story time, Harrison still looked at the pictures when we read to him. Since he could sit, we would find him trying to turn pages in the books, and now he will go get a book and sit and flip through the pages while “reading” it (babbling, laughing, yelling). His favorites are “Goodnight, Elmo” and “I love you through and through”. He also enjoys eating his books.
13.) “Boy you look good, won’t you back that thang up…” A couple of months ago, Harrison started backing up. I guess David had noticed this earlier, but I didn’t notice until one morning when I finished feeding him and he sat up, turned around, lay on his stomach and began scooting back toward the edge of the bed to drop to the floor. He’s a pro at it now and does it everywhere. This past weekend after mastering going up the stairs at Grandpa and Nana Bunge’s, he mastered going down them backward. Man oh man!
I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff that I will come back and add. That’s it for now, though. Here’s a little slide show of how much Harrison’s grown over the past year.

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Nine Months: Already?

I can’t believe it, but our little man is 9 months. Here’s what he’s up to:

1.) “Little” is pretty much a relative term. I mean, Harrison is little compared to us, but not exactly by baby means. He weighs 21 lbs, 4.5 oz (70%) and is 30 1/2″  (95%) tall. We transitioned to a convertible car seat a few weeks ago. He better not be out of that any time soon. The infant car seat was a gift, but this we considered more of an investment in our future ;).

2.) Crawling. Harrison is a full-blown crawler! He started making attempts Memorial Day Weekend, and within a week was on all fours and cruisin’ around. Now he’s a speed demon who cannot be contained. Believe me, he even grunts and growls as he charges you.

"Here I come, Truman."

3.) Stand tall. Harrison is pulling up on everything he can to stand up. This started inconsistently over a month ago when we discovered him greeting us at the side of his crib after a nap. This turned into a bit of a game. Mommy and Daddy would put him down for naps and he would immediately roll over, crawl to the side and pull up. We’d think, “Did we leave the door open? He sounds very loud.” Nope, he was just standing up close to the door.  Thankfully, that didn’t last long once we realized he wanted our attention and nothing was wrong (i.e., we let him be and he didn’t want to play anymore). Now, Harrison just needs something to steady himself on and not really to pull up on. He will put his hand on the windows or doors and stand up. I think we may have a walker by 10 months.

4.) Little monkey.  Harrison wants to climb now, and he honestly believes in his heart of hearts than any and everything is climbable. He will put his hands on the top of his gate enclosure and try to use the teeny-tiny mesh holes to put his feet on and climb up. He is not successful, but he actually manages to pull up. He’s very strong!

"I got this. No problem."

4.) Chomp-chomp: Harrison has 4 visible teeth (upper/lower central incisors) and is working on an upper lateral incisor (at least). The bottom teeth just appeared without bothering him, but the upper ones took longer to come in and didn’t make for a happy baby at times. He wanted to chew everything and wasn’t satisfied by what he would find. The mesh bag with frozen bananas and peas worked well. These teeth are making Harrison more interested in foods he can bite and chew and make the cooking process for him a bit simpler. Now I can pretty much just cook/steam food up and mash it all together and skip the blending process. No worries about whether it’s chunky. One of his favorites right now is pasta Bolognese (I seriously think he eats better than we do).

5.) “Duh-dah-dah-dah”: Little man is talking more and more. His favorite is “dah”, but we also hear “mmm” and “bah” and “nah” occasionally. Now he’s experimenting with stringing syllables together and changing vowels. He will say “daw” and “doh” and add different inflections. He has even said “ah duh” a few times.  Even though it was appropriate and seemed like more than a coincidence, I guess he’s not saying “all done” quite yet. It’s great to have a conversation with him. One of my favorite things is when we talk on the way home from his sitter’s each day.

6.) Here’s your sign: Harrison is signing “more” and “want” on the regular and “all done” some times. He’s also waving. Occasionally the giant up and down wave will be more  refined and he will just use his hand and wave his fingers up and down. It makes Mommy so happy to have him wave at her when she comes to get him. It’s funny because at times he will start waving  when we knock on his sitter’s door. He knows she’s coming, but doesn’t quite understand she can’t see him waving yet.

7.) Bang-bang: Harrison loves banging toys together and opening/closing things. He loves exploring and discovering how things work. I love watching him figure things out. He really enjoys putting things under something else and then getting down on the floor and looking for it. I may be biased, but I think he’s very smart.

8.) Laughing machine: Harrison loves to laugh. In fact, I’d say he is one of the happiest babies around. Mommy feels pretty darn hilarious when she plays with Harrison. All I have to do is make a funny face (I swear it’s different from my normal face), and Harrison cracks up. Just today he laughed because I pretended to sneeze. He also laughs if I just turn my head and then snap my head back around and look at him. I got that one from David.

Oh, I love my baby boy so much! It’s such an adventure with him, and one I am glad to be taking. Happy nine months, Harrison!

I'm not up to anything...

A Week of “Firsts”

Okay, maybe a week and a half is more accurate. At any rate, Harrison has started doing many things in the past week that he was not doing before. Little man is now climbing! It took all of a week for him to go from occasionally pulling to stand to using everything in sight to help himself up, and it took less than a day for him to figure out how to climb. This happened while we were at my parents’ home last week. I was thinking how perfect it was that they had a sunken living room so that Harrison could just crawl around and play without much worry. WRONG! That little booger almost immediately crawled to the edge and pulled up to stand. Then he starts “kneeing” the edge trying to figure out how to get up into the hallway. It was so cute to watch him try various maneuvers. He was even trying to grab the carpet to help pull himself up. That was very interesting since my parents have short carpet and there’s not anything to actually grab, per se. By late afternoon, Harrison was lifting his leg up and with a little assistance (my leg to pinch :(), he was getting up and over. The next day he didn’t need help (especially when Mommy left his view and he wanted to find me fast). Needless to say we were all amazed, and Daddy was very surprised when he arrived a few days later.

Harrison also started waving. This one baffles me, because we haven’t really “worked” on this. People always tell him “goodbye” and seem to wait expectantly (Come on people, he’s 9 months old. He’s not going to tell you “bye”). Well, this past Monday as David’s parents were leaving after seeing us off my dad was holding Harrison at the door and saying, “Bye, bye Nana and Grandpa.” Then I heard him say, “He’s waving!” I missed it, but I believed him. PaPa was so proud of Harrison :). Then, on Wednesday, as we were leaving Marissa’s, Harrison moved his hand up and down when she told him “bye”. He did it again yesterday morning when David walked in his room and as we were leaving Marissa’s today. I would say he’s now waving. Hoorah!
Harrison has added some other hand movements, too. He has been signing “want” pretty consistently for a month or longer, but we were still helping him sign “more” with hand-over-hand prompts. He had maybe signed it once or twice pretty clearly on his own. Well, the other day I was asking if he wanted more and signed it, and then he brought his hands together. He did this each time I asked and has been doing the same thing the past 2 days. We’re still working on “all done”, but he has done that a few times, too.
We are constantly amazed at his abilities. Just when you think they don’t quite know something or understand, they turn around and show you they do know and often times even more than you thought.

This one takes the cake…

Birthday cake, that is. This past Friday, I celebrated my 28th birthday. As I would tell David, “You have only 2 more years until you’re 30!” My birthdays are bittersweet since moving to North Carolina for graduate school six years ago. I get excited about them, but also know that I won’t be celebrating with my family. Last year was an exception, and a wonderful one at that. We went home for a week that included gunshots, fireworks, a baby shower, my birthday, and more fireworks. This year was better for one main reason: Harrison was around to celebrate with us :).
The morning started out with David making breakfast and giving me my gifts from Harrison and him. David Harrison made me a great gift

Harrison actually let David trace his hands

and David gave me season tickets to the DPAC for its 3rd season of Broadway Series South shows. I am most excited about Billy Elliot and The Lion King. We went and saw Wicked! in May, and I loved it. I can’t wait to go back to see more shows. David made sure all of our tickets were for Saturday matinees so we wouldn’t be searching for a sitter during the evening each time.
I spent the day with my little man, and then when David got home we had some cake and Moscato. This was the same Moscato we had at our wedding 4 years ago. We all went to dinner at Mizu, where Harrison was very happy to watch all the ladies walking by. He already knows how to get their attention. David had surprised me by getting in touch with some of my friends and arranging for us all to go have some drinks that evening while he stayed home with Harrison. I have such a wonderful husband. And even though it wasn’t at home with all of my family, it was still a most wonderful birthday full of family and friends, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. (Okay, maybe strawberry cake 😉 ).
Here are some more pictures from the day.

Beautiful flowers from David

My 2nd Birthday Cake!

It's not easy to get a posed picture with Harrison

6 months

A few weeks ago, I posted about Harrison’s 6-month check up and how big he was. Well, I’m back for another update on little man and all the latest developments.

  1. Legally Blonde?: The hair keeps on growing. It remains fullest in the front, but the bald spot is filling in more and more. It’s still anyone’s guess what color it will eventually turn out to be because David and I both had some blonde going on in the early years. Right now Harrison’s got a sandy blonde going on that has a slight tint of red in the light.
  2. Handsy: Harrison gets better each day at manipulating objects (from toys to pacis to food) with his hands and fingers. He has a tendency to rake at smaller items like puffs, but has a pretty good grasp on his toys and pacifier. It’s fun to sit and watch him try to figure out how to pick something up and to move objects toward and away from his mouth. My favorite is when he grabs a stuffed animal with both hands and growls as he excitedly moves it toward his mouth to chew on.
  3. “Careful, I may bite…”: Not on purpose, of course, but Harrison is developing a good bite on things. He now has his two bottom central incisors. Last Wednesday, I noticed his right middle gum was a bit red and swollen and on Friday I felt a tooth popping out. Then on Saturday morning I felt the left one. It’s amazing how quickly it happens. The good thing, is that it didn’t seem to bother him at all. Sometimes teething can be a little painful, but Harrison made it through the “worst” part (the teeth erupting from the gum) without any complaint. Not to say he doesn’t want the closest object in his mouth to chomp on.
  4. “Sit up straight”: Harrison’s working on that anyway. Again, I know all along he has been developing the precursors for sitting up, but it seems like it was maybe a week between the time we were sitting him up and he was toppling over and him being able to stay put for a few minutes. Sometimes he still immediately falls over because we laugh when it happens and then he thinks it’s a game.
  5. Momma’s boy: I have heard numerous times that boys love their mommy, and that has turned into some crying lately. At least I think that is what’s going on. Harrison has started to cry when I am out of sight and then stop once I reappear. He also wants to be held a lot. The good thing is that he loves his care taker so much that he doesn’t get upset when we drop him off at her place in the mornings.
  6. Blabber mouth: Harrison started out producing what sounded like “muh” and “buh” occasionally, and now he’s transitioned to “lingual” sounds. There’s a /jɑ/ and /ŋɑ/ sometimes, but recently (as in the past 3 days) what should start coming out but /dɑ/! I knew this would happen because I’m a speech therapist, but I hoped in my heart of hearts he would start reduplicating “muh”. Granted the “dada” does not mean what David interprets it to mean (sorry but I had to inform him of this because I’m so cruel), but it’s still a tiny dagger in the heart, or maybe the back. The funny thing was that right after David got all giddy about Harrison looking at him and saying “da-da-da-da”, he then looked at Truman and said the same thing :). I had to smile to myself.
  7. Creepy-crawly: My little man is already trying to crawl around. I noticed last week that when he was on his stomach he was raising his upper body and rotating to get to things that were out of his reach. Then he would try to grab onto something to help push himself forward. The other day, I noticed the same thing on our bed, but he was pushing his knee and arm forward after he twisted. He wants to move toward things on his own so badly, and lately it turns into frustration :(.
  8. Shut-eye: Harrison has been such a good sleeper from the beginning, really, but we have recently started transitioning to an earlier bedtime (or at least trying). He still wants to hold onto that “prevening” nap sometimes, and that can make it hard to try to push him through until a 6:30 dinner and then nursing before bed. For the most part, it’s working in our favor, though. Harrison is starting to go down more like 7:45-8 instead of 8:15/8:30 and sleeping through until 7/7:30 depending on the day. It seems during the week when David and I are up and about getting ready for work Harrison wakes up a little earlier.
  9. “Feed me”: Harrison continues to be our big eater. He has moved on to a wider variety of foods (added in raspberries, mangoes, peaches, and squash) and just started mashing puffs. This is in addition to nursing and bottle feedings. I’m so proud of the good eater he is and how much he loves to eat and try new things. I’m sure we will run into a food he doesn’t like at some point, but so far if he can eat it, he will.

Harrison has come such a long way, and it continues to be an exciting adventure. We can’t wait to see what he does in the next few months, or weeks.

Like Father, Like Son

Harrison had his 6-month checkup today, and it went fabulously. He weighed 17#, 5 oz (53%) and is 28″ (90%). So, no surprise that he is already taking after his father: tall and lean. Although, I wouldn’t call Harrison skinny. He is my little chunk ‘a munk, and I love his chubby thighs and legs. He is a healthy little man, that is for sure. The doctor was pleased with his development. Harrison got another round of shots, but Daddy said he took it like the little man he is and barely cried. It was over just as quickly as it started.  He’s already better than Mommy with that kind of thing. I think it’s because of all that good meat he’s got on his thighs :). He gets the coolest little band-aids, too. They are very rock star: shiny silver strips on each thigh.

I really can’t believe how quickly it’s all happening. On Mother’s Day, David told me not to cry when I was reading Harrison’s card and saying how fast it was going. He said, “But Mommy, I’m only 6 months”, and I replied, “But to me he’s already 6 months”. That’s why I make sure to take and give as many lovings as I can to my little man. I have to store some up for that day (hopefully in the very distant future) when Harrison won’t let me get away with that so easily.

To go or no to go…

Every weekend, I face the decision of whether to go somewhere with Harrison. Not because he isn’t good at being out and about but because we are rarely gone for just waking hours unless it’s a run to the grocery store or Target. Waking hours are limited because now that Harrison eats solids, feeding time takes longer. By the time he eats, gets cleaned up and we get him ready to head out the door, an hour of the 2-hour wake time is gone. And, unless we are just hitting the grocery store or Target, it’s highly unlikely we will get to where we are going in under 15 minutes.
Take today, for example. We decided we would grab lunch and make a trip to get some wine after Harrison had his 11:30 feeding. Well, we weren’t out the door until 12:30. By the time we hit Panera, it was 1:00, and Harrison had fallen asleep (this happens in the car when it’s close to nap time). He woke up around 1:30 because we were eating outside and there were cars driving by, people talking, etc. The problem with this is that he was now awake when he should’ve been going to sleep, and I knew he wouldn’t fall back asleep since he is now so interested in his surroundings. This isn’t a problem until he realizes how tired he is, but fights going to sleep because of all the stimuli. Before you ask, “Why don’t you just close him off with the canopy on his car seat and stroller?”, I will tell you that we do try this and he just becomes upset that he can’t see us or anything else when he hears things going on.
The real problem is when we get home. It was just 2:30, so at least an hour of nap time was salvageable. Try telling this to Harrison. David took him upstairs, changed his diaper, swaddled him and set him in his crib. Little man just quieted down (now some 20 minutes later), but I’m not sure if he’s asleep or not. If I go check and he sees me, all hope is lost.
I know you may think that in the long run, all of this is trivial; however, my little man needs his naps. It’s sort of a vicious cycle when you think about it. If he does sleep, “yeah!”, if not, “boo!”. If he doesn’t, he will eat at 3:30 and then look tired already because he didn’t nap much. This means, he won’t be as interested in solids after nursing. And this means, even though he will get tired and fall asleep for a late afternoon nap, he will likely wake up before 7 and be hungry already because he didn’t eat enough earlier. If he doesn’t nap, he will just be a grouch because he’s tired but can’t go to sleep because he’s overtired and overstimulated. See what I mean?
I do not want us to be confined to our house on the weekend or have it where only one of us can go out at a time, and we don’t do this, but each time I end up feeling guilty when it negatively impacts Harrison’s schedule. I feel like a bad mother for not giving him a nap. He’s past the newborn stage of sleeping whenever/wherever and fully in the exploratory stage. Unless really tired, Harrison will not just conk out anywhere/anytime. He needs someone to cue him that it is nap time. He is not picky about where he sleeps (doesn’t have to be his crib), but he will no longer just doze off in the stroller. He will rub his eyes and fuss, telling me he knows it’s nap time, but he is just a baby. And a very curious, investigative baby at that (very Sagittarius from what his baby Gap onesie says 🙂 ).
Just wanted to share my constant weekend conundrum and see if anyone had any thoughts or ran into the same thing. I know I’m not a bad mommy, but it’s just a something I struggle with. To go or not to go…

Oh, and we got ourselves some wine and a few good beers, which is good in case I really need something to drink later.

Feed me! Feed me!

Come here so I can eat you

I wrote about how much Harrison is enjoying solids, so I thought I would let you know what some of his favorites are. He will slurp down as many bananas as we will give him, but he’s also loving some of the combinations Mommy has made for him. Most of what Harrison eats is just steamed and pureed and features one fruit or vegetable. When I do combine things, I have been using recipes from a cookbook I picked up in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble when I was pregnant entitled, Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook. I think the edition I have is an older one (hence, bargain section), but I would highly recommend it.
The two recipes I have used are for Baby’s First Vegetables and Bananas and Berries. The first recipe calls for carrot, potato, peas and corn cooked in olive oil and then pureed. Harrison loves this! The second recipe has you boil water and then add bananas and any seasonal fruit with some rice cereal (for thickness). I have been adding blueberries. Since it has bananas, Harrison cannot get enough of this.
I have been doing all organic with Harrison, so most of the fruits and veggies I buy frozen unless I see a good deal on fresh, in season produce (like a bag of carrots for .89 at Trader Joe’s).
Oh, and I must say, I know you can just as easily use a food processor or blender but I splurged and bought a Beaba Baby Cook baby food maker. I was hoping to get it for a shower gift, but that didn’t happen. It has been well worth the investment in just the 2 short weeks I have had it. I love that it can steam and then blend and there is little cleanup. David was all about the purchase after watching me cook the veggies and then blend them and then take the entire blender apart to clean it. The Beaba baby cook is awesome because it’s an “all-in-one” and all I have to do is run it under some water and occasionally do a descale with vinegar.
Anywho, those are just a few of Harrison’s favorites right now. We just introduced avocado yesterday and he loved it! That doesn’t surprise me at all, though. I love how my little man loves to eat :).

*I was not asked or paid to gush about the Beaba Baby Cook. I was just talking about my own personal infatuation with it.

Mommy, Wow! I’m a big kid now.

Our little man is 22 weeks; quickly approaching 23. So this blog post is more than a little past due. I posted after his 2 month check-up on his development, but have failed to post about him in detail since. Well, let me tell you, Harrison is a growing boy in all areas. At his 4-month well-check he was 15 lbs, 4.5 oz and 25.5″ tall. I imagine he’s bigger than that now, but not sure how much bigger.
I will try to follow what I wrote last time with a few additions.
1.) The hair: definitely more present, but that little bald patch is staying strong. It’s stubborn and doesn’t want to leave yet even though little man is moving all the time and barely laying down unless asleep.
2.) The eyes are blue! I realize it can take a long time for eye pigment to truly stabilize, but David’s mom, a pediatrician, told us we can likely expect for those baby blues to remain.

3.) Baby boy continues to be a good sleeper. We definitely have our challenges (rolling over, squirming out of swaddle, congestion), but for the most part, we are napping 2x/day for 2 hrs/nap and sleeping 11-12 hours at night. We did have to put a bumper pad in because our little Houdini would hook his feet behind a crib spindle and flip himself over and spin around. Quite a sight, let me tell you! Plus, we felt bad letting him try to work it out only to discover 10 minutes later that he was pressed up against his crib. It made us feel like a bad mommy and daddy. I was a little worried at first because he slept so soundly without any issue immediately after we put it in, I had to go check to make sure he hadn’t pressed his face into the bumper pad.
4.) Harrison was just rocking when I last posted an update on him. He has since been rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy. He started rolling over tummy to back at the beginning of February and consistently rolling the other way since late March. Now, I find him off his mat and halfway to the kitchen in the blink of an eye. It’s crazy how much he moves.
5.) Jump up, jump up, and get down: We got Harrison a jumper almost a month ago after his sitter told us he was enjoying the one at her house. She said he would even start moving up and down in her arms in anticipation of being put in the jumper. He gets better in it each week. We don’t need a pillow in front of him anymore to stabilize him and keep him from leaning forward too much and he rotates at times to reach other items around him.
6.) Head control is awesome. Harrison can sit in his booster and eat with his head straight up and he holds his head up while sitting supported to look around. We place him forward in his carrier and can sit him up in his stroller without placing him in his car seat. Little man loves to look around and see the world.
7.) Jibber jabber: Harrison is doing all kinds of things with his voice and mouth. He smiles all the time and laughs! He does this in response to us or initiates to get our attention. The best is when he smiles big when he sees us come in the room. Love it! He really watches our mouths, and we see him move his lips and tongue trying to imitate us.
8.) Harrison is noticing different textures. When we were home over Easter, he kept stroking both grandpas’ facial hair and would pull on beards. Speaking of pulling… Harrison is grasping, pinching and pulling. Pulling hair, glasses, and earrings and pinching anything that fits between his fingers. The neck pinches aren’t too pleasant.
9.) Harrison is a full-fledged solid eater! He loves him some food. Here is a list of what he is eating now (besides still nursing): applesauce, bananas, pears, prunes, sweet potatoes, carrots, vegetable medley (carrot, potato, peas, corn), rice cereal/oatmeal, and blueberries with bananas. He started on Gerber and Earth’s Best organics, and I just started making his food myself. I keep thinking I’m getting ahead and making a lot, but I’m just keeping up. An example of my big eater’s appetite: Yesterday he took 10 oz of milk with cereal and applesauce in the morning; 9 oz of milk with cereal and applesauce plus carrots at lunch; nursed and had two things of carrots at 4, and then slowed down and had 6 oz of milk and some pears for dinner. Whew!
Harrison constantly changes, and we are trying hard to take lots of pictures and videos to document everything. We don’t want to miss anything. It’s such a joy watching him grow, but it all happens so quickly. He goes for his 6-month well check in just a few short weeks, so I’ll let you know what he weighs and how tall he is then.