Feed me! Feed me!

Come here so I can eat you

I wrote about how much Harrison is enjoying solids, so I thought I would let you know what some of his favorites are. He will slurp down as many bananas as we will give him, but he’s also loving some of the combinations Mommy has made for him. Most of what Harrison eats is just steamed and pureed and features one fruit or vegetable. When I do combine things, I have been using recipes from a cookbook I picked up in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble when I was pregnant entitled, Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook. I think the edition I have is an older one (hence, bargain section), but I would highly recommend it.
The two recipes I have used are for Baby’s First Vegetables and Bananas and Berries. The first recipe calls for carrot, potato, peas and corn cooked in olive oil and then pureed. Harrison loves this! The second recipe has you boil water and then add bananas and any seasonal fruit with some rice cereal (for thickness). I have been adding blueberries. Since it has bananas, Harrison cannot get enough of this.
I have been doing all organic with Harrison, so most of the fruits and veggies I buy frozen unless I see a good deal on fresh, in season produce (like a bag of carrots for .89 at Trader Joe’s).
Oh, and I must say, I know you can just as easily use a food processor or blender but I splurged and bought a Beaba Baby Cook baby food maker. I was hoping to get it for a shower gift, but that didn’t happen. It has been well worth the investment in just the 2 short weeks I have had it. I love that it can steam and then blend and there is little cleanup. David was all about the purchase after watching me cook the veggies and then blend them and then take the entire blender apart to clean it. The Beaba baby cook is awesome because it’s an “all-in-one” and all I have to do is run it under some water and occasionally do a descale with vinegar.
Anywho, those are just a few of Harrison’s favorites right now. We just introduced avocado yesterday and he loved it! That doesn’t surprise me at all, though. I love how my little man loves to eat :).

*I was not asked or paid to gush about the Beaba Baby Cook. I was just talking about my own personal infatuation with it.

Love is in the air…

Today is Valentine’s Day, and it was wonderful. It may sound cheesy, but it’s always better celebrating a holiday (Hallmark-created or not) with a new addition. I will even make a big deal about Harrison’s first St. Patrick’s Day. Deal with it :)!
It all began with some mommy-baby bonding time before I embarked on making buttermilk waffles with blueberry sauce and real whipped cream. Yummy :p. I even indulged in some caffeinated hazelnut coffee. Woo-hoo! The waffles with some bacon was delightful.
After breakfast and some family time, Mommy had to go finish some shopping. I found the cutest baby laptop from Sassy that has a mirror for a screen and color buttons. The power button changes modes to rhyme, play musical notes, or say the colors in English or Spanish. Textures, sound, fine motor skills…therapist likey :). Yes, it’s more appropriate for a few months from now, but Mommy and Daddy can operate it for Harrison now, and it’s never too early to expose him to color names. Plus, we can do some hand-over-hand manipulation.
We opened Harrison’s cards and gifts from family and us this afternoon. Only a baby would get so much on Valentine’s Day. He got some great books from both grandparents, as well as a cute outfit (babies always need more clothes). Harrison also got to see and talk to both sets of grandparents. He broke his vow of silence with Grandpa and Grandma Keith and did some talking.
David made a delicious dinner of Steak Diane with braised Belgian endive. For dessert we had organic yellow cake with dark chocolate ganache and fresh berries. Harrison helped us out by taking a good nap (which is rare at this time, lately).
It was the best Valentine’s so far, and we know it will only get better now that we have our little man to celebrate with. There’s nothing like celebrating your love for your family.