Eating in: Part 2

Well, we’re 3 weeks into our month of dining in, and it’s going great. As we sat down to our chicken stuffed with Jarlsberg and prosciutto last night, David and I talked about how much we were enjoying all the meals we’ve been having and how none of them have been too difficult to make or time-consuming (which is key now that little man is around). Most of the meals we’ve made, we’ve made together, and that is probably the best part. I love making a good meal for my man, but it’s nice when we do it together. The food just seems to taste better :).
Anyway, besides being budget-friendly, we were talking about how nice it’s been for lunches during the week. Unless we get pizza during the week, we usually don’t have leftovers from getting take-out, so then we’re left figuring out what to do for lunch the following day. We have out peanut butter and jelly and lunch meat and cheese, but you don’t want that for lunch everyday. Leftovers are always nice because you just put them away into a bowl for your lunch and then just pull it out of the fridge the next morning. There’s a sense of pride when you take a delicious dinner from the night before for lunch and your co-workers ask you what it is because it looks yummy and/or smells delicious.
Just one more week left for us, and it’s clear we will make it to our goal. For that, I am excited and overjoyed. It was easy and delicious. Look for a wrap-up of our meals and sorts at the end of the month.